Alexander Conroy

Patch 7.0.2

TLDialer TLDialer Live Agents now shows who the Call is in Queue for when it is agent_only ( Agent Direct ) Added New Relationship between vicidial_auto_calls agent_only field and user table. NANA – No Agent No Answer Now Supports Transferring after Expiration alongside Busy and Hangup. This allows the phone to “Ring” when an agent […]

Patch 7.0.1

7.0 is coming along full force. The remaining issues with the Schemas and Database methods have been ironed out and we should be ready to launch the explore section shortly once a bit of interface work is done. If you love TLD Please, please please give us a kind Review on G2 Crowd here! We […]

Patch 7.0.0 – Soft Launch

Wednesday we Soft Launched TLD 7.0. This was a Significant Update and Rewrite of some of our core backend processes which will allow for further and faster development in the future. Some of the new features are still hidden since they are still being tested, like the new Explore Section which will replace the Leads […]

Patch 6.9.11 – TrustedForm, Commissions Received, & More.

TrustedForm Integration We now have a more solid integration with TrustedForm beyond just storing the certificate in a tracking field. You can now automatically claim TrustedForm certificates within TLD. Please Note: TrustedForm integration does NOT reject leads. TrustedForm API Key can be added under Settings -> Options -> Integrations Each Vendor has it’s own TrustedForm […]

Patch 6.9.10 – TLDialer Changes & Fixes

3 New Dialer Statuses The TLDialer Status Button now has three new Statuses, that will hopefully help troubleshoot connectivity issues some are experiencing with shoddy internet. Please let us know As soon as possible if you see any of these 3 statuses. 1. Timeout If Vicidial Disconnects from the SIP Session (Hangs Up), you will […]

Patch 6.9.9

Custom Minute and Cascading List Resets for TLDialer & Admin123 Billing Integration! Admin123 Integration We are happy to announce our Admin123 Integration is live and now working! Please contact us if you have a product that is sold through Admin123 that you would like TLDCRM to Submit for Billing! The system supports many dynamic options […]

Patch 6.9.8 – Post Haste!

We are hitting the new year running! I haven’t slept since New Years Day! Hour 60 here I come! Lots coming soon in the following months! Thank you for your patience with the new Policy Status buttons method, we promise you will love it in the end. We made some quick patches the past couple […]

Patch 6.9.7 – Happy New Year!

New Policy Theory & Custom Policy Statuses PLEASE READ THIS!!! Policy Stages, Substages and Custom Policy Statuses Ideally, this update should not change your workflow or change much except the location of some buttons. For Full Details on Policy Workflow please see this Google Document. All True Final Negative Status buttons are now Red. All […]

Patch 6.9.6

Load Delay Changes ( Live Transfers with Data) It is now possible to remove your Load Delay settings, and choose “Dupe Update” instead with your Reject in Vendor settings. What will happen now is this: 1. New Calls comes in, Lead Created and Agent can start working. 2. Lead Gets Sent from Lead Provider 3. […]

Patch 6.9.5

Contacts Fixed Action Log Tabs Finally! New Fields Tax Filing Filing Jointly Filing Separately Policy Calculator Correction We were made aware that sometimes the Government Subsidies more than the cost of the persons Monthly premium, but they don’t pay up! (Typical huh?) If any of the calculated fields that subtract the subsidy are less than […]