Alexander Conroy

Patch 6.5.5

Sales Board You can now set the beginning of the week to any day, not just Sunday or Tuesday. On Fire now has a Fire Effect. Please let us know if you receive any retina damage. Moved On Fire to top right corner of the cell it belongs in to keep the layout data cleaner […]

Patch 6.5.4

Sales Board The sales board has now been updated to treat primary and ancillary policies bases on the Primary ID being set. It also respects the system configuration for treating ancillary products as ancillaries even if it is a primary policy with no primary set. Commissions Paid has been added as a toggleable field either […]

Patch 6.5.3

Policies Terminate Date Normally we calculate the lapse date by taking the effective date and the duration if set, and then looking at today and calculating it from there. However, some policies have a hard fixed termination date that may be either a few days in the future or the past.  The terminate date is […]

Patch 6.5.2

Fields Mass Customize Fields. Turn them on and off in bulk, or reorder them in bulk. Products Mass Customize Products. Turn them on and off in bulk, or reorder them in bulk. User You can now clone permissions from another user! Just use the mass edit tool under users. Beware this will drop any permissions […]

Patch 6.5.1

Users You can now mass edit user permissions. Mass Add Mass Remove Mass Drop Vendors You can now mass edit vendor relays. Mass Add Mass Remove Mass Drop Agent Report The agent report now allows you to include post dates when searching by status and date converted. Removed the Agent activity section since the agent […]

Patch 6.5.0

For the past two weeks or so we, or mainly, I, have been going pretty insane working day and night preparing this almost total rewrite to the Policies section. This patch is the culmination of many sleepless nights. We have tested extensively, but if you find any weird quirks or odd data please let us […]

Patch 6.4.0

This patch is a pretty big one, as it reworks the entire leads section. The way this section works will become the template for others including Policies, etc in the future. For now we are looking for feedback on the new interface changes. Leads  Theory The idea now is that you choose what you want […]

Patch 6.3.8

Embedded Products You can now embed products with fixed premiums and enrollment fees to go alongside a primary product. These will be set as ancillary automatically to the product being quoted. If you are using this just to track products that already have their price bundled in, then you can leave the premium blank. All […]

Patch 6.3.7

Emoji Support You can now customize fields with Emoji’s! Add Emoji’s to your status descriptions to make them stand out for your agents! ???????????????????????????????????? good shit go౦ԁ sH*t???? thats ✔ some good????????sh*t right????????there???????????? right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self ???? i say so ???? thats what im talking about right there right there […]

Patch 6.3.6

Product Validation Fixed an issue where “Copy From” was not working. You can now check off what State a product is allowed to be sold in. You can also require that the Agent be licensed in that State for Conversion, Validation or Submission under Options config. You can update agent licenses in the User configuration […]