Patch 8.0.1

Our latest updates introduce some new features and functionality and some Qualify of Life updates. Most of these are edge cases.


  • A List of Banned Words and Phrases can be added to your account now under Settings -> Options -> Features.
  • Please enter a comma separated list of the words you want to return an error when your agents send an SMS
  • Some common banned phrases have already been provided internally such as “test”, etc.

Dispositions (Statuses)

  • Statuses can now be configured to Hangup on Dispo
  • Statuses can now be configured to Queue Pause on Dispo


  • We are now requiring all endpoints to be accessed via SSL. This may break some integrations where people are not using SSL to communicate with TLD
  • Unfortunately, this is a PCI and HIPAA Requirement, we can no longer support integrations that cannot communicate over SSL as an edge case requirement.
  • This edge case was added many years ago, hopefully everyone has switched over to being compatible with SSL by now.

Self Service: Account Seats and Dialer Seats

  • You can now add or reduce dialer seats on your own with the Add / Remove Seats button on the users page.
  • Only Superadmins, and those with the change_seats permission can do this. Requires a superadmin to assign this permission.
  • Prorations for new seats are automatically logged in our new invoicing system we are currently working on, and will show up on your next invoice.


  • Added Troubleshooting Steps Links for TLDialer and TLDSIP to Support Menu

New Report : Sales Breakdown

  • Shows 5 different Sections
    • Breakdown by Carrier
      • Filterable
    • Breakdown by Vendor
      • Filterable
    • Breakdown by Set 1 (User Groups)
      • Choose Set2 User groups in Filters
    • Breakdown by Set 2 (User Groups)
      • Choose Set2 User groups in Filters
    • Breakdown by Carrier and User Groups
      • Filters should be selected including both Carrier and User Groups.
    • Breakdown by Agent
      • Coming: Breakdown by Agent and Carrier
      • Coming: Breakdown by Agent and Carrier and Vendor
    • Allows you to run reports for any date range.

Chrome 92 Breaking Changes

  • Implemented a fix to remove preloaded media elements since Chrome 92 breaks the WebRTC WebPhone when more than 75 media elements are loaded, effecting people with more than 4 cluster servers.


  • Changed the way we detect the Recording Status so it should always be accurate.
  • Changed the way we show the end time, so unset end times will now calculate bases off the start time and duration if it doesn’t exist.
  • For In Progress Recordings, you can now see the current duration based on start time and current datetime.

FTP Recordings Backup Scripts Modification

  • EasyHealth FTP Backup Naming Conventions are now supported.
    • Requested Format: LeadID | PolicyID (if applicable) | ANI | DNIS | Call type (outgoing/incoming) | Timestamp
      • Outbound: Lead ID -> Outbound CallerID -> Clients Number -> outgoing -> timestamp
      • Inbound: Lead ID -> Clients CallerID Number -> Inbound DID Number Dialed -> incoming -> timestamp

Verification Validation Options

  • Dupe Check for Sold Policies on other leads with same SSN.
  • Validate Date Effective is in not in the past.


  • Now supports 10 Alternate Dupe Criterion instead of 5.
  • Added MRN to the Alternate Dupe Check Criterion Fields.

Ingress API

  • Add Tags to lead via API.
    • Requires lead_id, leads, or lead_ids in that order, only one will work.
    • Requires tags
      • Can be mixed Tag ID’s or Tag Names
    • Tags and Leads ID’s can be passed as array or comma separated or pipe separated
    • Currently only Supports Lead Tags, Policy tags will be available in a future release.
  • Added Callbacks to Lead in API
    • Disposition can now also be sent via this API when a callback is set.


  • Payload Type “Query” can now be set so that Form values will be added to a Query string for older systems that do not respect the form body.
    • Make sure to NOT append the “?” at the end of the URL.
  • Callbacks data can now be sent along with lead data
    • Callback 1 is always the latest callback. If you want only one callback to be sent on relay, change the callback number label from callbackx_ to callback_ and set the max callbacks to send to 1.

Automated CSR’s

  • Now support Plan, Carrier, and Product Filters
  • Now support negative days in the future.
    • If the negative days in the future would be earlier than TODAY, the CSR will be set for TODAY.
      • For Example: 90 Days BEFORE Effective Date, for Prescription Drug Plan Offerings of a Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • Now supports Other Date fields to base the CSR off of such as Effective Date instead of the current date.

Contact Form

  • We are now trimming whitespaces from left and right of application_number, policy_number and member_id

Admin Dashboard

  • Added support for PPA costs for PPA Vendors (Price Per Aquisition)
  • When PPA Exists, the Admin dashboard will set the PPA and PPA Total to the actual total and then split into two new boxes with the PPL and PPA separately.
    • CPA Calculations will be based off the combined PPL And PPA
  • Added Cost per Vendor to the New Lead By Vendor Section

General Updates

  • Added Post Dates filter to Explore Policies
  • Fixed issue with View Logs being sorted by Lead ID on Agent Dashboard instead of Log ID.
  • Fixed an issue with Documents when a file does not exist.
  • Optimized Tags Query on leads to be much faster.
  • Reset and Load Filters NO LONGER Grey out when a query gets stuck and the spinner is shown.
    • We may be adding a stop query button in the future.
  • Added Audio and TLDialer Troubleshooting links in Support Section
  • Added link to our Slack Workspace in Support Section
  • Removed Google+ Link from Support section as it no longer exists.
  • Balto Stop command can now be set on Disposition in Options -> Integrations under Balto tab. Choose the dispositions you want to fire the command in the multi-checkbox. This avoids flooding the relay system.
  • Added Ignore Zero Cost Leads to Vendor Logs so you can only report on leads that you should have paid for.