Mailer Interface


Mailer campaigns allow you to pair a Mail Template (From the Templates Section) as well as add a subject, filter criteria for Lead or Policy, and the age of the lead at which you want to send an e-mail.

Emails are sent once per hour on the hour and filter age criteria based on the exact moment the lead came in. This formula has proven to work well as it is often synced with the time a person was already seeking and inquiring health insurance.  It also allows us to stagger emails to prevent flooding the email service.


Mailer logs allow you to see and filter results regarding your mail campaigns.

New Policy Status: Insufficient Data

Added Insufficient Data section for when you havbe submitted a policy but are missing data. Works as a queue for your agents to fix the data. Added a button for this status as well.

Optimizations & Fixes


Combined JS methods for Filters into one patterned script for better performance. Removed “click” filtering when using multi-checkboxes and checkboxes. You must now press Go to filter. This will increase performance in some cases when selecting multiple checkboxes.


Exports work across Leads and Policy sections properly. There was an issue where if you were on anything but the “All” section in Clients, it would not export based on the section you were on.


Fixed an issue where you could “Reactivate” a policy before Submitting it, leaving it with no Date Sold.

Now displaying Policy Date information at the bottom near the buttons. This includes Created, Modified, Verified and Sold Dates. This will be editable by Admin or higher in a later patch for now it is just display. Will include Cancelled and Kicked Dates as well.

Table Formatting

First pass at standardizing the look of tables and buttons, as well as specific column placement to give the system a more seamless look.

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