Patch 6.6.16


  • You should no longer see yourself in the Transfer List
  • Fixed a big bug that prevented the Transfer to Number feature to always call the same number over and over. This should no longer occur.
  • New Pseudo fields have been added to Live Agents Schema to represent wether an agent can be transferred to, and what color should show up.


  • Fixed an issue with the pricing matrix regarding disabled products not pulling data and causing an issue. This was never experienced live.
    • Added Option in Product API to Force a Product ID regardless of hidden.
  • Added Price ID to Product when selected so we can reference it elsewhere.
  • Fixed an issue with saving Currency Custom Fields. Adding a $ or , was causing the system to kick the value, not properly parses it to decimal and stores. Also will show $ and , when putting it back in the field. We were usingis_numeric and setting to null before, whoops!


  • Added “Disclosures” email and options to the Email tab.
    • Disclosures will show next to Send Welcome Email, but unlike Send Welcome Email, will create multiple buttons based on the Languages that are set…for now.
    • Currently this is a Work in Progress, it will not send an email out yet. We are finalizing how we want to set this up.

Vendor Lead Entry Forms

  • You can now create dynamic, publicly accessible forms to allow for external entry of data without having a logged in user. This is useful for television campaigns or after hours services so you don’t have to have email sent to you and then do the data entry yourself. You can have multiple forms, and enable and disable them. They are customizable based on a Grid of 12, so you will have to visualize the layout by numbers. You can drag and drop each form field to change the order.
  • You can find this in the “Forms” section of any Vendor. It is hopefully mostly intuitive.


  • Sales Board should no longer show trashed policies in the result set.
  • Fixed Minor Bug in Vendor Scorecard

Other Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Upload Downloads introduced by our Bind error logging, not sure how it ever worked before…but it did.
  • More appropriate error message for Bind Issues so we can identify them faster.
  • Changed Money Format to default ‘%+#n’ instead of %(#10n. It was adding 10 digits of padding and we prefer to use – instead of () for negatives. Easier Database parsing.