Patch 6.6.0

TLDialer Live

  • TLDialer is now working with all basic functions needed to run the agent. Ask us about getting started with it. We are still currently testing and modifying. See our TLDialer Vicidial Beta Post for more details. Let us know if you want to start using it!

Dialer Changes

  • When changing a converted leads status, the default Sale button will now show as an option by default.
  • You can now redisposition a lead that is in a final status such as DNC, Trash, or Sale so you can set the disposition flag, and also dispo the dialer with the same dispo that it already had. It will not modify any date information in the CRM, but it will let you go to the next lead. It will show you a yellow warning message that the lead was already in that status.
  • When an age is set or calculated, it will now also show up in the top right of DoB. This is for those of you who want to disable manual entry of Age, but want to show the calculated age to the agent still.
  • There is an option in the system to collapse Cancelled and Trashed policies in the Dialer Policy Sidebar. They will auto expand as you scroll or if you click on them.
  • New Option in both My Profile as well as System Options for Default Customer Summary Tab. User overrides System setting.
  • When you load a lead, it will add a record into out new View Log

View Log

We are now keeping track when agents load a lead. this also includes the first load after saving a new lead. The only place you can see this at the moment is the Agent Dashboard, where it will show the agent the last X amount of leads they viewed based on options configuration under Options -> Dashboard -> Last Viewed


  • Auto Cancel Ancillaries is now an option. It will Cancel any ancillary policy also in active status with a date sold.

Admin Dashboard

  • You can now make it so that the Admin Dashboard automatically shows Actions by default by setting it in Options -> Dashboard -> Admin Dashboard configurations.


  • Cost is now considered currency instead of number.
  • Policies Calculator on Dialer policy wasn’t being calculated properly when some information was missing. Fixed.
  • My CSR requests now indeed only show  your CSR Requests
  • Fixed some permissions issues with CSR Main.