Patch 6.5.0

For the past two weeks or so we, or mainly, I, have been going pretty insane working day and night preparing this almost total rewrite to the Policies section. This patch is the culmination of many sleepless nights. We have tested extensively, but if you find any weird quirks or odd data please let us know. We have added tons of searchable and exportable features into the Policies and Leads section now that we have implemented this dynamic database query method. We made sure to design it with speed, efficiency and security in mind. PCI and PHI data are now in fact not visible to those without permissions, even in table views! Sensitive and protected fields are not visible to those without permissions as well. This gives great flexibility for agents to sift through their data while maintaining your accounts privacy and security intact. You can do some pretty powerful stuff with what we have implemented, like querying the system to tell you how many policies have notes and how many notes you have in your system overall! (Hint: Use the Aggregate Option).

This patch picks up where we left off in 6.4.0 and brings the features of the Lead section and it’s custom columns to the policies section. The entire system has been updated to use this new method. The leads section got a revision as well, with most of the core being rewritten to be able to share schema data between models. (Tech stuff, don’t worry about it.).

We also tossed in some usability features for those of you selling multiple policies. I guarantee you will love it.

Smart Where

  • The final part to our Dynamic Database System is in, we can now arbitrarily search for whatever we want based on our schema design. This is a huge improvement and exceptionally code and query efficient, a crowning achievement and huge undertaking that will let us build things even faster.

Column Builder

  • Now dynamic enough to support the whole system
  • Moved Aggregate Fields under normal Fields for ease of use.


  • Added Aggregate (No Groupings, single row).
  • Added Notes Combined column (Grouped Notes)
  • Added Dependents Combined column (Grouped Dependents)
  • Columns button has been moved onto the filter bar.


  • The policies section now has all features from 6.4.0 Leads Section
  • Added more aggregate field options.
  • Reorganized some fields.
  • Optimized Age Queries for Medicare.
  • Added Bank Account Name.
  • Added Bank Account Type (Checking, Savings).
  • Columns button has been moved onto the filter bar.
  • Added “Alert” featured to sections like Renewals.
  • Redid all filters, any bookmarks you had will no longer work. Please use the new Filters system.
  • Policies section now respects proper Ancillary vs Primary calculations based on system settings. (Treat Ancillaries as Ancillary even if Primary Policy.)
  • Added new section to Stats: Policies by Policy Type and Policies by Product Type. If you have the system option set, they may be different at times depending on if you have sold any ancillary products as primary.
  • Added Enrollment Fees to Stats breakdown by primary / ancillary.


  • CSR’s have been moved to be a Lead Query to prevent duplicates when you have a CSR on a policy with multiple policies. this also allows you to set a CSR for a lead without a policy.


  • Calendar now includes CSR Requests for both Calendar and My Calendar

My Policies, CSR’s, Leads

  • The following sections have been updated to work with the new dynamic system although some filters are disabled since they are meant to be personal tools.
  • My CSR’s is now a Lead Query just like the CSR Main section.
  • Change to the way “My” works. You will now only see records if you are the creator without an agent set or are the agent set. This works for CSR’s as well. If you assign an agent a CSR it will not go in your bucket but into that Agent’s bucket.

Dialer Policies

  • Dialer policies now has a right sidebar that opens up with the policies. This will give you quick access view to move between policies and know exactly where you are. The sidebar will highlight what policy you are on as you scroll, and will also jump to the policy you select when you click on it. No need to keep scrolling up and down, the menu will follow you. If you have too many policies on a contact, the sidebar will also show a scroll menu. We hope you like this! We will be adding a few more usability features with this new method such as being able to jump straight to a policy from lead lists. No more trying to figure out where you are
    • We kept the long form method because we know many of you like seeing everything at once instead of moving to pure tabs. I think we have too many tabs as it is…
    • We tested this format using full screen half screen and mobile, all seems to work well! You shouldn’t have a problem using this new feature at half screen.
  • Trashed policies will now be collapsed and the only option you will have is to untrash it (if you have permission).
  • Fixed an issue where a new policy didn’t have it’s initial status set which made it impossible to trash, the same went for Embedded products. This has been corrected.

Custom Fields

  • You can now set the column width per Custom Field (1 – 12). All default to 2 except for Long Text, which is by default 12.

Time Zone

  • Time zone is back on the dialer page! And now every time you save we do a quick lookup for the area code if there any changes and update it as well

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Country and Country added to Vendor Upload as well as Bank Type, Bank Account Name
  • Moved Results URL to BOTTOM of Post Instructions to prevent Vendor Confusion since they clearly do not read the instructions.
  • Fixed quick search to not include trash leads. Same for Dialer Phone Pop.