Patch 6.2.2

Multi Checkboxes

You can now use shift + Click to select multiple items in the Multi Checkboxes

Return Reason

  • We added a special relational field for Return reasons for Medicare
    • This is useful for telling your lead vendors why the lead was rejected. It should work for Live Transfer leads as well.
    • This is not a status, and you can select more than one value.
  • You can enable this under Options -> Dialer -> Return Reasons.
    • This will show under the medicare section in the Contact Screen.
    • It will show up under Leads in the Contact Section as a multi-checkbox.

Favorites & My Favorites

  • You can now search through favorites in the Favorites section and remove others favorites
    • Roles: Manager+
    • Ability: View Favorites
  • You can now see your own favorites in the My Favorites section as well as the date favorites and search through the dates.

New Lead Statuses

  • Language Barrier
  • Deceased


  • Fixed issue with new contacts having no statuses and only the trash button.
  • Fixed issue with notes and csrs not selecting all notes.