Patch 6.9.7 – Happy New Year!

New Policy Theory & Custom Policy Statuses


Policy Stages, Substages and Custom Policy Statuses

Ideally, this update should not change your workflow or change much except the location of some buttons. For Full Details on Policy Workflow please see this Google Document.

All True Final Negative Status buttons are now Red. All Interrupted / Pending buttons are now Yellow, as it is implied that some action should be taken ( Verifying, Kicking, Submitting, etc.)

All True Final Negative Status Buttons have been given their own Row.

The Stage of the Policy will be displayed before the current Status. Example: Sale: Active, Pending Verification: Payment Issue.

This is a new theory and rework of the Policy Buttons on Policies in the Contract Page. Buttons are now visible based on their stage and substage. Because of this it is now possible to add your own Custom Policy Statuses similar to Custom Lead Statuses. These Custom Policy Statuses can be configured in all sorts of ways and even filtered based on Product, Role, Carrier, Plan and More. In an upcoming Patch you will also be able to filter the current statuses by customizing them.

Custom Statuses can be added under Settings -> Fields. Click “Add Custom Field” and choose “Custom Policy Status“. Make sure to configure the “Status” Tab as there are many options including which date stamp is used for the Status and what stages and substages the Status will show up on. Note that Statuses will not show on stages that do not support the Date type selected. ( Date Cancelled won’t show on Non-sale stage policies ).

A new button called “Resolve” has now been added along side “Unkick” to clarify the action you are taking and reset Policies back to their “base” status (Verified, Application).

  • There are now 4 Policy Stages
    • Conversion
    • Verification
    • Submission
    • Sale
    • Redacted (Trashed, not really a stage)
  • There are Policy Substages
    • Pending Submission (Interrupted Submission)
    • Failed Submission (Kicked Submission)
    • Pending Verification (Interrupted Verification)
    • Failed Verification (Kicked Verification)
    • Inactive Sale (Interrupted Sale)
    • Cancelled Sale (Cancelled Sale)
  • New Permissions
    • Resolve Policies
    • Resolve Applications
    • Resolve Verifications
    • Unkick Applications
    • Unkick Verifications
    • Reset Interruptions

CSR Reasons & Results

The CSR Section has been modified and some elements moved around. Generally speaking, the workflow is the same, but now you have the option of setting a CSR Reason (Defaults to General) which can be later filtered and exported where necessary or used as an indicator as to what the CSR Request is for.

You can also add Custom CSR Reasons under Settings -> Fields and pressing the Add Custom Field -> Add Custom CSR Reason. We have provided 5 default reasons we feel most people would need in the insurance industry.

After completing a CSR Request you have an option of setting a CSR Result, which can also later be filtered and exported. By default we have provided 2, Completed and Rescheduled. You can also add Custom CSR Results under Settings -> Fields and pressing the Add Custom Field -> Add Custom CSR Result.


  • If you accidentally type you will now automatically be redirected to the proper subdomain. ( Yay! )
  • If you login at the system will redirect you to your proper primary account.


  • You can now Copy Ingroups from other Users in Mass Edit.
  • Exports fixed for Calls section when choosing Mixed, Inbound or Outbound. Should total correctly and give you only what you ask for.


  • Dependents, Policies, Notes and Recordings now show a number with how many are on the current contact. This number should refresh when adding new Dependents, Policies or Notes. Enjoy!
  • New Fields for Contacts and Dependents.
    • Medicare Username.
    • Medicare Password.
  • Reset to Verified button added for Interrupted but Verified Policies.
  • Added Household Annual Income, Household Monthly Income and Monthly Income Calculated Fields.
  • You can now see the previous status of the Policy by Hovering over the current status button.


  • New Status: Medicaid Denial.
  • Fixed Export issue with Application Number (Missed an Array Key Whoops!).
  • Added Debit Card as Payment Type.


  • Inline Textboxes now functioning correctly for Sync Fields.


  • New Calculator Tool to Divide Cost for Leads.
    • This is useful for updating Spend on Google Ads and Facebook Campaigns.


  • Ingress and Egress API’s now logging all the good logs.
  • Ingress API now Pushes Update notification to Contact on change.