Patch 6.9.6

Load Delay Changes ( Live Transfers with Data)

  • It is now possible to remove your Load Delay settings, and choose “Dupe Update” instead with your Reject in Vendor settings.
    • What will happen now is this:
      • 1. New Calls comes in, Lead Created and Agent can start working.
      • 2. Lead Gets Sent from Lead Provider
      • 3. Instead of Rejecting, Post system will UPDATE lead, and send notification to our Multi-user editing service as “System Process”
      • 4. Agent will have their Lead Data updated in real time when the update hits. Just like with Mutli-user editing, they will have the options to unset the data changes by clicking the button next to fields that have been changed.

Merge Tool is now Live. BE CAREFUL! No Undo!

Merging leads will take all the data from the listed leads and merge them into the selected “Merge Into Lead“.

The Merged Into Lead will have it’s lead data updated with information from the other leads. The Merged Leads will have their status set to Merged ( -1 ). A log of the Merge will be placed in the action log for all leads involved. Merging WILL effect reports regarding counts & costs, merged leads will no longer be part of reports, although still visible in your lead list.

On the lead you are Merging INTO ,you should select the “Protected Fields” you want to preserve from getting overwritten.

On leads you are Merging FROM, you should select the “Merge Fields” you want to allow an attempt to overwrite.

The “Merge Order” determines the order leads get merged from top to bottom, merging 1, then 2, and so on. You want the most Authoritative Leads inserted last. Drag and Drop the Boxes to Reorganize.

Regardless of Protected or Merge Fields selected, All Policies, Notes, Dependents, Touchpoints, Meta, Relational, Custom Fields, Dialer ID’s, Callbacks, Appointments, Favorites, Documents, Action Logs, Relay Logs, Relay Queues, Mailer Logs, View Logs, API Logs and Surveys will be merged by changing the Lead ID with the Merged Into’s Lead ID.

Merge and Protected Fields only include Uncommon Values among all Leads involved.  Unique Values will be merged in if they exist. Blank, or Unset values are filtered out.

THERE IS NO UNDO!!! If you forget “Merge Fields”, you can however, simply rerun the merge and choose the fields to merge again.


  • Surveys can now be run more than once on the same lead.
  • Surveys each have a UniqueID created when running, so you can follow the path per survey on a lead.

Admin Dashboard

  • Now when selecting Include Post Dates, will include Post Dates Total at bottom and table of Post Date Conversions created in the time span. (Not Post Dates Submitted)


  • Fixed a bug with _has and date
  • Added “resolve” param to allow the system to try to shorten certain field names: IE: Policies joining Leads should be able to show first_name instead of lead_first_name
  • Added some Calculations to tql Policies.
  • Fixed an issue with Aggregation still pulling in group_by defaults when no longer needed.

Fields & Products

  • Now Sortable! Yay!
  • CC Type and Payment Type now can be Reduced in Product Settings. Not part of Matrix.
  • Moved Non-Matrix related Fields for Reduction into “Other Fields” tab in Pricing section. Deposit was moved there.

Fields & Status

  • Statuses can now be configured to Front on Button press.
  • Statuses can now be configured to send Relays on successful Update.


  • Fields Moved
    • SSN and Tax Filing have been moved to Legal Information
    • Occupation, Budget and Annual Income have been moved to a new section “Financial Information”
      • Added Calculated Fields to Financial section
        • Monthly Income
        • Household Annual Income
        • Household Monthly Income
  • Made it so you cant input a phone number less than 10 digits. It will just set it to whatever it was.
  • Fronter should now show up when fronted and the option is enabled.
    • Added a Cute lil man passing a box as the icon.
  • Names now Auto Trim, to prevent extra spaces from gobbling up space for no reason.
  • Admins can now change Fronter and Fronted Date on the Contact.
  • Made it possible to prevent agents from entering a Duplicate by phone number on Manual Entry. (Removes the yes, make the dupe checkbox).

Linked Dependents (Create Lead from Dependent)

  • Now possible to click “Create Lead” on a Dependent. Bypasses Dupe check. Allows you to more easily create policies for a dependent if they choose to buy now or in the future.
    • Copies Dependent information to new contact. Once created, shows button that says Open Linked Contact.
    • Contact Itself will have a link back to where it came from.
    • Vendor and Marketing information will be copied. Price will not be copied. Address info from Contact will be used if not provided. Phone numbers from contact will be filled in if none in the Dependent. Same for emails.

Address Validation

  • Address Validation is now Available for Lead Address, Policy Billing Address, and Dependents Address.
    • This is enabled by signing up for a Service called ServiceObjects
      • We are looking into adding this in as a Value Added Service that we can enable for a fixed cost.


  • Mass Edit Vendors now supports setting Public Name to Description en Masse.


  • Changed “Subsidized Premium” to read “Subsidy Amount” for clarity as it was confusing.
  • Fixed some issues with Policy Validation.
  • Lead Tags can now be added to Policies Columns


  • Now Supports Pause Codes!
  • Fixed some Blank Options showing in edit menus.
  • Agent Log
    • Agent Log now has new Time Filters
    • Agent Log now has Average and Totals for Columns and filters for seconds related fields. Have fun making reports!
  • Calls
    • Now connects to Call Log Properly. You can now get detailed information about the calls.
    • Also connects to Agent Log properly. Have fun making reports!
    • Added Number Dialed Filter
  • New Call Menu Option for State Routing
  • cm_postal_areacode.agi
    • We now have a script for Call Menu’s that will attempt to find the lead loaded by unique callid, then if it has a state, route to that state, if it has a zipcode, lookup the state and route to that state, or find the state by callerid area code and then route to that state.
      • Originally we could only do State by CallerID.
      • State by Postal was a Standard Feature of Vici, but it required user manual entry. We created our own that serves both purposes.


  • Non-Account users should show up again.
  • Removed “Ingroups” on Mass Edit TLDialer User, you should use the Ingroups tab instead.


  • Fixed some bugs on the Relay Map and updated it to some newer methods.


  • Minor Fix to FTP Posts
  • Removed an Unneeded Log Update
  • Now Supports JSON!
    • You can now send data via JSON by setting your request headers to application/json and provided a JSON object as the post body.

Egress API

  • The Egress API is now mostly functional and ready for usage.
  • Egress and Ingress API now properly Log Requests

API Logs

  • API Logs now Exists and lets you search via different criteria.