Patch 6.9.4


  • Dispositions
    • If you Disposition a Lead with a “Completed” or “Unworkable” status the system will Update ALL LEADS related to the Current Lead
      • Related Criteria
        • Status is Not Unworkable
        • Status is Not Completed
        • Not Current Dialer ID
        • Same Vendor Lead Code as Current Dialer ID
        • Phone Number in Any Phone Field from Current Dialer ID
        • Alt Phone in Any Phone Field from Current Dialer ID
        • Address3 in Any Phone Field from Current Dialer ID
    • DNC
      • The DNC Button now Properly Forces the Phone Numbers on the Lead into the DNC.
      • The Remove from DNC Button now Removes all Phone Numbers on the Contact out of the DNC.
      • DNC Add and Delete both update the Vicidial DNC Log properly.
  • Recordings can now be downloaded in MP3, WAV and OGG.
  • You can now Unlink Dialer ID’s, or Open Dialer ID’s in the Vicidial Panel right from the Contact.
  • Added Mass Remove TLDialer ID’s and TLDialer Association ID’s.
  • Data Sync code has been moved to PHP instead of the JS API.
    • Faster and more secure, less prone to JS Endpoint Issues.
    • Data now syncs regardless of wether you are on the Dialer or not.
      • Data sync is based on Lead ID and Dialer ID.
        • If Multiple Dialer Leads have the same Vendor Leads Code, all of them will be updated with the correct data.
  • Dispositions now work when Offline (Not on the Dialer, and not on an Active Call, Not the Lead related to your call).
    • If you change your lead while in a Call, the system will ask you if this is the Correct Lead for the Current Call if the Dialer ID is different, or missing.
      • Pressing No will let you go about your business and continue editing as if it wasn’t that lead. This includes Dispositioning the lead. This will NOT disposition your call.
      • Pressing Yes will change the Dialer ID on the new Lead to the Call’s Dialer ID, and add the Dialer ID to the set of connected Dialer ID’s. It changes the merged leads vendor_lead_code to match the corrected TLD Lead ID. It also removes the Dialer ID From the Previous lead including the relational Dialer ID’s for that lead.
  • Added TLDialer Agent Logs to TLDialer Section so you can sort and export data.
  • You can now Hide the Ingroups dropdown  that shows up after logging in so your Agents don’t get upset when they notice the person sitting next to them has different ingroups.
  • Fixed an issue with Mass Update TLDialer User, where it would remove their Ingroups from the Live Agents Table if you didn’t select any ingroups.
  • Fixed an Issue with Hide Call Label Type where it was always and only showing the Outbound Call Label, but never the Inbound Call Label.

Custom Lead Statuses, Callbacks & Appointments

  • You can now set a Custom Lead Status to open an Appointment Window, or a Callback Window. The lead will not change status until the Appointment or Callback is Set.
  • Dialer Status ID is now a Dropdown instead of letting you randomly type in something not allowed.


  • Modified the Way Callbacks behave and set Statuses.
  • Modified the Way Appointments behave and set Statuses.
  • Modified the logic to reduce queries when a lead has no surveys.
  • Survey Logs on the Contact have been Modified to work with the new Survey Changes.
  • Fixed an Issue with the Product Matrix that was preventing it from showing Default Values when no matrix permutations were present.
  • New Relationship Field (Self) which added to Beneficiary Relationship


  • “Dialer” has been renamed to “Contact Form” in the options section since it makes more sense considering we have an actual dialer now.


  • Leads section can now have preset Filters for when you click the “Leads” tab. This is useful for not having to create a filter to filter out Trash or Spam or other Custom Statuses you don’t care about.
    • This can be found in Options -> Settings -> Data

Lead Scorecard Report

  • Now allows you to Filter Ancillary and Primary Policies as well as Products. Labels have been cleaned up to reflect.

Custom Fields

  • Field source should be more readable.
  • Added User In a User Group as a Field Source. Tag your users, and only those will show up.
  • Added Vendor In a Vendor Group as a Field Source. Tag your users, and only those will show up.


  • Users can now have Validation Rules set for Leads similar to Vendors. You can also specify the Validation statuses for these rules.
  • Users can now be Exported for External Purposes.


  • You can now Mass Update Validation Status Rules for Vendors.
  • You can add Surveys and their Open Status in the Automation Section.


  • Made it so all the extra icons on Products always show regarding settings, but grey out when not configured, and turn green when active.


Survey system has now been Revamped to be used by Agents, not just the IVR.
  • Surveys Can be found under the Marketing Tab.
  • Survey Logs have been Modified to work with the new Survey Changes.
  • Surveys can Pop Open similar to Templates on Load based on Status. This has been added to the Vendor Section.
  • On clicking a Final Question Route, the Survey will now Close itself.