Patch 6.9.2


  • EAV Support Added for TLDCRM Tables.
  • Enabled for:
      • Vendors
      • Users
      • Accounts (Options)
  • Fixed an issue with Naming Relational Joins
  • Improved Join Performance
  • Overview and Modifications of TLD TQL Schemas.
    • Changed the way Meta Fields show up. Now will show fieldname and fieldname_name as same value, your choice.
    • Standardized some fields that should have been _id to _id.
  • Fixed an issue with Live Agents Table for TLDialer, Missing some ‘`’.
  • Enabled ability to have Multiple Schemas referencing the same table but looking at the data different. (Wow!)
  • Fixed an issue with Grouping in TLD TQL Columns.
  • Fixed an issue with improper Operators showing on Multi-checkboxes
  • Fixed an issue with Booleans.


    • Can be found in Settings -> Tags
    • You can create tags and define them as Global tags, or specific to individual tables.
      • For now only Leads can be tagged, we will be adding tags to the entire system over time.
    • Global Tags can be placed on any Record.
    • Tags can be Deactivated
    • You can add more than one Tag to any Record (Leads only for now)
    • The Leads Section now has a Filter for Lead Tags.
    • You can add, remove and drop all tags using the Mass Edit function in the Leads pane.
    • Support Exports.
    • This is our First TLD Module using the TQL System!


  • Scrub by Zipcode
    • You can scrub by a comma separate list of 3 – 5 digits Zipcodes, similar to the Product Matrix Validator.
      • You can Accept OR Reject based on this list.
      • Works in Uploader, FTP and Lead Post.
  • Scrub by Area Code
    • You can scrub by a comma separate list of 3 digit Area Codes.
      • You can Accept OR Reject based on this list.
      • Works in Uploader, FTP and Lead Post.
  • Add Leads as Dependent on Dupe
    • You can now choose “Add as Dependent on Dupe” under Dupe Update and Dupe Update by Lead ID Options.
      • This is useful when you have a list of leads with the same phone number, and you just rather have the dupes added as dependents since they may be related.
        • If the lead has Address info (as it may be different), we auto uncheck “Lead Address” for you to prevent any data loss on the addresses.
  • Fixed an issue with Mapped but not present data in Vendors. Should show yellow now instead of red to prevent confusion.

Egress API

  • Modifications to Egress API. More Standards.
  • Current Capabilities
    • Search Through Policies
    • Search Through Leads
    • Search Through Users

Ingress API

  • Ingress API now Working.
    • Current Capabilities
      • Update Policy Record ID
      • Change Policy Status


  • Fixed an issue in Dialer Contact where changing Duration wasn’t updating pricing.
  • Fixed an issue with Matrix Items and the new Rider Option.
  • Fixed an issue with Selecting Price ID.
  • Fixed an issue with Disabled Permutations.
  • Admin123 Now is an Option for Any Product.
    • Added “Enabled” to allow editing of Products and “Active” to use in the system.


Bugfixes and Updates

  • Fixed a bug with inserting images in Templates.
  • Updated to latest Fontawesome Fonts. More icons!