Patch 6.6.8


  • Added Live Agents to TLDialer
    • This will eventually be more robust than the Real Time Report in Vicidial
  • Created way to inherit nested schemas. (Lots to come from this one!)
  • Removed Lead Upload Button from Recordings (Wasn’t supposed to be there).
  • DEAD calls now properly show as Dead.

Quick Search

  • Made it so that the quick search by phone number on enter or on load of list now will parse a string for a phone number with dashes (10 Digit) and try to load a phone first.
  • Quick search now also searches through phone2 and phone3.
  • The Search box in Leads and Policies now also does the same thing.


  • Fixed issue where Templates popped up regardless of status if set in the vendor.
  • Moved Enrollment Fee, Deposit and Admin fee next to premium since these are key price fields.
  • Added Button when a State is in the NO SELL STATE Option Config. It will also change the Contacts Name to RED and Strike it through.


  • Added Has and Missing icons next to the Operators Button. This will allow you to check for the presence or absence of date fields.
  • Added “Has Dupe by Phone” checkbox to Policies. This will show you policies that have a dupe by phone and different lead ID than the current policy. Useful for cleaning up records (Merge Tool coming soon).


  • Pricing Matrix
    • The pricing matrix is now active and can be used to customize policies and allow only certain options as well as set default premiums, enrollment fees and admin fees
    • You can also lock fields so an agent must fill out one of the options.
    • You can also make it so the agent can or cannot override the premium, etc. If a premium is already set, they will be set to uneditable, but retain their current value.


  • Added Mass Add, Remove and Drop Vendor Validations
  • Reorganized Vendors Tabs. Some have been removed and merged.
  • Converted States Reject, Groups and Validations to Multi-checkbox instead of large list of check boxes.
  • Changed Accept instead of Reject into a dropdown, removing an issue with being able to unset it.
  • Fixed issue with Questionnaire and Multi-checkbox meta not allowing you to unset them all.
  • Fixed an issue with Validations if only one validation was set.

Action Logs

  • Fixed an issue with Custom fields that was constantly showing that changes were made. We now investigate the custom fields object for changes and it will show correctly.


  • Added CC Type to Credit Card Billing fields. Also shows  a neat little icon when set.

Policy Statuses

  • Added 4 new Policy Statuses
    • These Statuses show up during Verification and Submission
      • Pending: Application Mailed
      • Pending: Sent to Client
      • Pending: Awaiting Signature
      • Pending: Carrier Approval
  • Added new Reset Buttons. You must have Unkick, Manager, Admin or Superadmin privileges to do this. This allows you to undo some accidental button clicks. You can find these when available next to the Trash button.
    • Reset to Quoted
      • Shown during Submission
      • Resets a Verified Policy back to Quoted.
    • Reset to Verified
      • Shown when Active
      • Resets an Active Policy back to Pending Submission