Patch 6.6.7

TLDSIP Webphone

  • Our TLDialer Solution now has a build in Webphone. It is now no longer necessary to install the TLDSIP Softphone on a computer once configured correctly.
  • On load of TLDialer the TLSIP Webphone will auto load and auto register based on the users configured credentials.
  • On connect to TLDialer, the TLDSIP Webphone will auto answer and notify you that you are connected.
  • You can now theoretically use TLDialer on any device running the chrome browser. This includes Macbooks, ChromeBooks, and even a Raspberry Pi.
  • Notice that closing the browser window or duplicating TLDialer, or Loading TLDialer in TLDialer will cause issues. Please do not do this. We are looking into a way to prevent the user from loading TLDialer twice.
  • When you first load TLDialer with TLDSip Webphone, the Browser will ask you for access to your microphone. Please click yes! Thank you.


  • Fixed a logic issue with Inbound calls that get routed to other ingroups not saving in the correct vendor. Should now save in the correct Vendor.
  • Added more information when an inbound lead is created
    • list_id
    • source_id
  • Put in some protection against loading TLDialer in TLDialer…currently has a race condition, so we are looking into something more permanent for you fast clickers out there.


  • If you try to create a new contact with a phone number already in the system, you will now get a Popup that asks if you want to load that lead or continue creating the duplicate. If you check the Duplicate checkbox it will create a new lead.
  • Top Right Search now searches the same way the leads section does. Accepts more than just phone number when pressing Enter. It will try to find the most relevant lead. You can search by Phone, First Name, Last Name,  Lead ID or Email.

Touchpoints Rework

  • Touchpoints have been reworked, they also now support dialer_id’s to store dialer_id’s used on the same lead as a conversion point. These dialer_id’s may or may not be part of the same list.
  • Touchpoints are now no longer unique. They can continue to be added to the system. They will be converted and sold based on the policy status. This way you can track all outbound and inbound activities on a Policy aside from purely loading it.
  • When you Press the Sale button, the person pressing it will convert the touchpoint and become the agent
  • When you Press the Submit button, the person pressing it will stamp the date_sold on the touchpoint and become the submitter.
  • Once a touchpoint has converted and been sold, no other touchpoints will be modified until a new touchpoint is established from a different campaign, as it is assumed that you are just doing admin work on the policies and not receiving the lead via a CSR queue or some other queue or inbound campaign.

View Logs

  • View logs have been added to Dialer Logs Panel.


  • Clear Post Date on Submit Option added. We still stamp the action log that this was done to preserve the date and make it easy to find.


  • All services and Services are now running TLS 1.2 as per new Standard required after June 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Styling Issues on Quick Search Tables.
  • Fixed issue with Custom Fields not Saving on New Lead Save.