Patch 6.6.10

Database Upgrade

We are now running AWS Aurora mySQL 5.7 Compatible DB. This gives us access to some neat Database functions that work well with some of the methods we use in the system, particularly the JSON Data Format!!

Socket Server

Some huge things coming using Sockets technology! This is just the beginning. It is based on the same tech we use for the TLDialer Platform and in fact works along with it!


  • You can now set an Icon for your Filter Menus!
  • You can now set Roles and Abilities to allow the view of a particular filter.
    • We are working on a permissions issue where you could see the filter, but not load the section. This will be corrected later.
    • Note: If a user does not have access to a section such as Leads, or Policies, in general, they will not see filters in that menu as they are assumed to be protected.
      • Your best bet to give access to everyone to a filter without too much trouble is to set it under the My Business section.
  • We removed the [GLOBAL] tag in the Filters Dropdown in place of an actual globe.
  • Private Filters will now show a Lock instead of nothing to make it easier to tell which is private and which is not.
  • Reorganized the Save Filter Section
  • Added hoverover tooltips to Filter Section Labels


  • When editing a user you can now see who created it and also who modified it last.
  • Added the Users Name at the Top of the Editform, as well as User ID.
  • Import ID will show to the left of User ID when Import ID is Set. This is for people to keep track of Users imported from Old Systems.


  • Reorganized the Print Vendor section (Including Email).
  • Now also shows what types each field can be set to on the field itself. Will warn when a type if a system field so the recepient knows they need the ID’s
  • Switched from Tables to List Items. This makes it a little cleaner.
  • By default, we do not show the possible values for each field at the moment, we will make this optional for the print form, particularly for showing lists of vendors, products, etc. Most of the time Vendors would not need this information unless it was a 3rd party sending in full on qualified policies.


  • Fixed a minor bug regarding display.

Agent Performance Report

  • Refactored to take into account the new log methods.


Basic Changes

  • All Checkboxes in the Dialer Screen have been updated to Boolean dropdowns (yes / no dropdowns)
    • This was done due to some updates we are working on for integrations and the socket server.
  • All Asynchronous code has been changed to event driven or Promise based, allowing us to chain together series of functions and reuse them throughout the dialer script. This is being used with the Socket features.


  • The dialer will now no longer trigger saves on the lead, policies, dependents or notes if there have not been updates. This should reduce some of our logging and make the system faster overall with saves.
  • As a side effect, we have modified the way that logging works. Now, policies, notes and dependents get a log for each one that is changed, as opposed to a log for all the records in a section. The “Policy ID” has been changed to a “Reference ID” and a “Reference” column determining the table has been added.
    • The logging changes are backwards compatible. You should still be able to see changes from the previous method.

New Socket Features

  • The Dialer will now notify you when someone else has opened the lead you are currently on.
  • If someone else updates the lead you are on, it will update the form fields on your screen. You can click the Undo button next to the field that has been updated to set it back to what you had set it to in case the change was not welcome.
    • This works with each individual note, policy and dependent as well.
      • We are working on a way to show new dependents or policies added in real time.
  • If someone updates the lead status, the info and sidebar will refresh to reflect the new status.



We made some key structure changes to TLDialer Schemas. This should let us develop even faster and easier in the future.


  • Ingroups listed on the Ingroups Dropdown now show the proper Ingroup Name instead of Ingroup List ID
  • Some Query Optimizations for faster performance. Apparently when using an auto dialer the list table locks, so we avoid querying it until a new lead pops.
    • Removed Auto Dial Query – Not needed. More faster.
    • Removed Phones Join Query – Not Needed. More faster.
    • Remove Lead Query – Now on Demand. More faster.

Live Agents

  • Added Auto refresh Button with Refresh Timer. Defaults to 5 Seconds.
  • Button will go Grey while Active.
  • If your user has a Webphone configured, the webphone will now connect while on this page.

Unqualified Leads

  • Fixed a bug not allowing the disqualification to update the action log properly. Was still working just not logging it.
  • Added a few cases and clearer error messages
    • Note: Leads can only be unqualified on the day they came in! This is just to prevent it from clearing out an old lead.

Call Log

  • The Call Log is now Generally Available with all it’s Relational Data.
  • You can search and Export through the call log.
    • The Limit on the Call Log is natively doubles, because it pulls from both the Log and the Closer Log, so if there are records you will get a mix of both.
    • You can export both as well.
    • closercallid has been renamed to UniqueID to even up the columns
    • alt_dial has been added to the log as UNAVAILABLE for closer_log to even up the columns. This is not a real field.
    • log_type has been added as a psuedo-field as well. Contents from the closer log will say CLOSER and the general log will say LOG
    • By default, due to the large table size, the date search is set to today, you can change this anytime once you load it.


  • You can now see the list of ingroups in the Ingroups section.
  • Currently you can open the ingroup for editing with the link button on the table, but this will open in Vicidial until we get our own panel working.
  • This section works with our Column Builder so you can change columns to see settings quicker than in Vici’s lists.


  • You can now see the list of campaigns in the Campaigns section.
  • Currently you can open the campaign for editing with the link button on the table, but this will open in Vicidial until we get our own panel working.
  • This section works with our Column Builder so you can change columns to see settings quicker than in Vici’s lists.