Patch 6.5.4

Sales Board

  • The sales board has now been updated to treat primary and ancillary policies bases on the Primary ID being set. It also respects the system configuration for treating ancillary products as ancillaries even if it is a primary policy with no primary set.
  • Commissions Paid has been added as a toggleable field either per day and agent or overall for the agent.
  • The hybrid and contest sales boards have been merged into the main sales board. They can still be turned on and off and both required the contest date set.
  • Pretty much everything on the sales board is now clickable. It will take you to the main policies page with a preset search based on what you clicked. Please let us know if there are any errors, although we did test thoroughly!

Admin Dashboard: First Worked Leads

This is a new section in the admin dashboard that allows you to see how many first touches on a lead an agent received during a certain period.  This will also show you the total amount of unworked leads in the chart section, along side who worked what % of your leads that came in during that period. This circumvents the issue of not being able to pull reports based on Last Modified By, since the verifiers often become the new Last Modified By User when they get passed the lead to verify. We are pulling this data out of the action log and filtering out the system user, which is usually the first one to touch a lead. Hope this helps!

Commissions Paid

This is the first step toward the Payroll module. This is a manual entry version of commissions paid to your agent, as opposed to commissions received, which is from the carrier to your agency (or agent). There are three ways to generate commissions and the final two ways are coming soon!

  1. Manually set the Commission Paid on the Dialer screen under a policy.
    1. This is currently active and selectable as a column in Policies sections. You can also use the Total and Average aggregate fields to build reports.
    2. This is simply a commission_paid column in the Policies table.
    3. The following permissions can view this field
      1. Superadmin, Admin, Manager, Accounting, Payroll, Commissions, Change Commissions Paid, View Commissions Paid
    4. The following permissions can edit this field
      1. Superadmin, Admin, Manager, Accounting, Payroll, Commissions, Change Commissions Paid
  2. Coming: Generate commissions amounts based on triggers in the product config
  3. Coming: More complex commissions payouts with the Payroll module, where you will be able to calculate hourly wages, bonuses, manager pay, and also deal with reoccurring commissions for agents who get paid monthly.  This is the complex one since there are some crazy schemas for payouts out there. This will also work with the points system.

Commissions Paid has been added to the Mass Edit policies screen.

Policy “Others”

This section has been removed, and the “Commissions” section added. The bill me later option has been moved into the main policy section.

Custom Status Option: Change Converted Lead Status

It is now possible to change the status of a converted policy by customizing any status and selecting “Show on Converted Leads Sidebar and allow change if converted?”

This will keep the conversion data but prevent the system from throwing the error that the lead is already converted. This is useful for campaigns where there is an extra step in the lead process flow, but no policies being sold.

Previously there was a workaround to this by using the Mass Edit feature.


  • Fixed an issue where bolding datetimes were bolding too many datetimes…