Patch 6.5.3


  • Terminate Date
    • Normally we calculate the lapse date by taking the effective date and the duration if set, and then looking at today and calculating it from there. However, some policies have a hard fixed termination date that may be either a few days in the future or the past.  The terminate date is able to be manually set and overrides the calculation if it exists. The Date terminate will be either what it is set to or nothing, but the date lapse will not modify itself based upon it’s presence. All calculations for renewals, including the auto terming feature of the system have been updated to use this method.
      • TLDR: If you set a date_terminate (Terminate Date) the date lapse will be set to that instead of the calculation.
    • In the Dialer Screen, if a policy has a duration and effective date we will show a Suggested Terminate date in the box as a placeholder(ie:” Calculated: 2018-01-01″. This does NOT need to be set unless you want to override.

Filter Improvements

  • Redid a couple of theory items in Filters
  • Added the ability to turn a filter into a Menu item in the Leads, Customers or My Business Sections. Works with both private and global filters. You will only see sections that you are permitted to view based on your permissions. Try it out!
    • This is useful for creating things like a “About to Turn 65” Menu item. You know who you are who wanted this!!!


  • Fixed schema bug with CSR Date Modified
  • Cleaned up CSR Date’s headers vs labels.