Patch 6.2.4

Events Improvements

  • When updating or adding a Event, the system will get the longitude and latitude of the location and store it in the event via Google Maps.
  • The Appointments section now has a Distance from Contact dropdown as well as a Search button.
    • When you search it will do a distance search between the contacts location which is translated via Google Maps into longitude and latitude and the longitude and latitude for every event that has not yet passed using the Haversine formula¬†and show a list of results based on the distance selected.
      • These results can be clicked to change the event for the booking.
      • The results will show the distance and be in order of closest to furthest.
  • Added Appointment Roster (Non Public)
    • The appointment Roster allows you to edit an en events enrollees, as well as a quick update status for Attended or Missed.
    • A public version of this is coming
  • Added RSVP Vendor and RSVP Dupe Criteria
    • This feature is coming soon. This was prep for external signups.
  • Added Group / Region and Location Name to Events.


  • Fixed an issue with CSR’s showing multiple times.