Patch 6.1.4

User & User Groups

In the Users section you can now see a button next to Add User and Mass Edit that says User Groups.

  • You can create as many user groups as you like.
  • You can set a name, description, and skill level to keep track of the agents in your group and organize them.
  • Filters have been added to Users to allow filtering by User Groups
  • Mass Edit has been updated to allow for Mass Adding and Removing to groups as well as dropping all groups from a user.
  • Users Edit section has been reformatted slightly using a new method in preparation for upcoming Licenses and Contracts.
  • Groups tab has been added to Users Edit.
  • Changed Meta tab to Settings.
  • Reorganized some fields into different tabs.
  • User Groups will be available for certain reports soon, as well as to be used in future reports planned regarding Agents / Users.
  • Bugfix: Disable Global Quote Tools was Disabling personal ones as well. This bug was introduced in the timezone patch.


  • Touchpoints has been optimized to reduce lag on the Leads Screen.
    • Touchpoints data now only loads when selecting it from columns or filtering.
    • For accounts with over 1 million leads, always joining touchpoints was causing lag due to the nature of the query, this solves that until you are filtering data.
    • Some queries with no filters but asking for Touchpoint data will still lag. This is expected until we can find a workaround.


  • Bugfix: After Adding Country, Zipcode field became smaller. It has been made “biggerer” again.
  • Lead validation now properly works when configured at the vendor level.


  • Added Validation Settings from new fields in 6.1.0