Patch 6.0.5

Options Page

  • Options page has been changed to a tabbed format to be easier to use

Product Customization

  • Product Edit Page has been changed to a tabbed format for be easier to use.
  • Moved Mail settings into the Mail Tab
    • Added Support for All Languages to Mail Tab. (Not just English Spanish, inquire for new languages). All Mail defaults to English if nothing else is set, or if no language is set.
  • Added Points Settings.
    • Points can now be automatically applied to a product sold based off a selected status trigger.
    • You can set different point values depending on what the policy has been set to.
      • Points for Full Payment
      • Points for Post Dates with No Deposit
      • Points for Post Dates with Deposit
      • *More Criteria to come per request.
  • Added Validation Settings for Policy Workflows.
    • Customize which fields are required (Lead + Policy Fields Required to Press Sale, Verify and Submit)
      • Tools to Copy Settings from other Products or to Every Workflow status.
    • The policy will still save, but will throw and error and refuse to Convert, Verify or Submit without information
    • Fields required can be set for the Contact, Dependents and Policy Data.
  • Prep for Commissions:
    • Commissions tab has been added pending Commissions Calculation Update.


  • Added Deposit Field for products that accept a deposit.
  • Added Sort and Order to Policies

Touchpoints Module

You can now use the touchpoints system for inbound lead tracking. This can be enabled under Settings -> Options -> Dialer Tab

  • If a lead Exists in the system, it will find the latest lead in the following order
    • Latest Converted Lead
    • Latest Lead
  • Instead of adding a new lead within the inbound vendor, it will add a “touchpoint” to the lead with the vendor information, which shows up in the Logs section.
    • The touchpoint has it’s own created date and is unique, you cannot have two touchpoints from the same vendor.
    • The touchpoint has it’s own conversion information based on what happens with the next policy.
      • Once the Sale button is pressed, the touchpoint converts and adds a date converted and who converted by.
      • Once the Submit button is pressed the touchpoint converts and adds a date sold and who sold by.
  • When Touchpoints is enabled you can see the Touchpoint report under Reports.
    • This is useful when you are remarketing your own leads, especially those that have already converted. It prevents needing to duplicate your leads.
  • Touchpoints can now be seen in the Leads section and are searchable
    • You can choose to see Leads with or without touchpoints
    • You can choose the “touchpoints” and “touchpoints description” columns in the Columns Selector.
    • You can choose specific touchpoint vendors from the Touchpoints list.
    • If you choose “Touchpoint Data” from the Columns List you will see a subtable under each lead with details on the touchpoint and it’s conversion information.


  • Fixed an issue with inbound vendors sometimes tagging the wrong vendor.