This is a Major Patch. Every part of the system is affected. We have done tons of internal testing but please keep an eye out for any strange behavior.

The patch will go live Thursday 7/27/2017

There may be additional changes added in these patch notes after this initial post. Please check Tuesday for changes.


  • Increased Policies query Speed by 700% ~.2s query time
  • Increased Lead query speed by 300% ~.01s query time


The entire system now supports local timezones at different levels. The user setting overrides the account setting, and the account setting overrides the system default.

  • System Default: US/Eastern
  • Account: Configurable
  • User: Configurable

The system will pull data to view in Local Time (EX: US/Pacific) a

Date and Time Formats

The system now allows you to choose from a few different valid date formats to format date / times, dates,  and times throughout the system. Each format is configurable (you can show times differently than dates, etc.). The user setting overrides the account setting, and the account setting overrides the system default.

  • System Default: 2020-04-20 16:20:20, 2020-04-20, 16:20:20
  • Account: Configurable
    • Example: 04/20/2020 04:20pm, 04/20/2020, 04:20pm
  • User: Configurable
    • Example: 04/20/2020 04:20pm, 04/20/2020, 04:20pm

Dialer Policies

Changes have been made to how the Policies section is viewed. They are minor changes and informational updates.

  • A Save Button has been added to the Top left of each policy
  • The Policy ID (For Rewrites especially) has been added near the Save Button
  • An Info Button has been added next to the top left save button which pops open an info window with basic information on users and dates related to the policy
    • This info section has been removed from the top of the policy in favor of the pop open window.
    • This info section now will tell you the Policy ID and Policy Number it is a Rewrite Of (From)
      • *A rewrite can also be rewritten
    • This info section now will tell you the Policy ID and Policy Number it was Rewritten At (To)
      • *A rewrite can also be rewritten
  • The Policy Tag on the top right has been modified to also show if it is a Rewrite, or Rewritten it will append this info with dashes to the right of the policy number. Rewrites can be rewritten, so you can create a chain of rewrites on a policy indefinitely. EX: A client keeps resubscribing for 3 – 5 years+
    • Example: Policy – A4201921 – Rewrite
    • Example: Policy – A4201920 – Active – Rewrite – Rewritten
    • Example: Policy – A4201919 – Cancelled – Rewritten
  • The save button has been modified
    • The Save button is now smaller and always at the bottom left of a policy
  • The trash button has been modified
    • The trash button now shows at the bottom right on the same line as the save button
      • Agents cannot untrash
  • Positive Actions now show next to the save button in green. All permissions for button availability have been preserved.
    • Sale
    • Verify
    • Submit
      • The Submit button now changes to a disabled button that says – Submit: Post Dated with a tooltip that tells you that you cannot submit until the post date.
    • Reactivate
  • The current Status of the Policy is now showed in a disabled button next to the save button for all users so they can see what has happened to the Sale.
  • Negative and Neutral Actions now show below the save and positive row. All permissions and workflow have been preserved.
    • Buttons are now smaller and no longer span the whole screen.
    • Neutral actions show before negative (Pending Payment, Pending Carrier Payout, etc).
    • Kicked is always the first negative action when in verification or submission, after neutral actions.
  • Bugfix: Issue with Trashing and Untrashing a Policy not setting the proper Status back of if you did it more than once in a row. (Last Status was Trashed, so it broke)
  • Bugfix: If you are an admin with access to changing dates, unkick and reactivate wouldn’t clear the dates and somtimes the policy would get stuck in a weird status. This is now resolved.
  • Bugfix: You can now Unkick a policy that has been put into a non kicked negative status after verification. This will set it back to Application and clear verified, and interrupted dates.
  • Bugfix: You can now properly search for multiple phone numbers space separated in the searchbox for policies.
  • Bugfix: After saving a policy, and trying to upload a new document, the filename wasn’t showing when you selected a file.


  • New Checkbox – Medicare: AEP Eligible (Active Enrollment Period)
  • Added Option to Disable Status Buttons in Options Section.
    • You cannot Disable Sale, Do Not Contact, or Trash.
  • Added Out of Network as a Status Button
  • Callback Button no longer changes status from Converted to Callback once it is a Sale.


  • Added Policy Modified Date Search
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with lead date created search

Notes / CSR

  • CSR Scheduling now accepts Date AND time, not just Date. This will make for more useful followups.

UI Updates

  • Dates and Times
    • Moved away from jQuery UI Date Picker and replaced it with a nicer Bootstrap date picker system wide.
    • Changed Time Picker to use the same DaterPicker as it can have Dates, Times or Both.
    • Added Clear and Close buttons to Date Picker for ease of use.
    • Date and Time Picker respect user, account and system Date and Time formats.
    • Quote tool window now auto expands when you click the first time instead of shrinking down.


  • Chat beta is live, we are looking for people who want to test it. Currently it support rooms based on Roles and the Account as well as a System broadcast channel for us to push notifications. This will take a bit to get completely live and for direct messaging between people. Chat history is logged.
  • We are adding the ability for people to pass the current lead to others with the push of a button.


  • Added Hide Lead Status Buttons under Dialer section
  • Fixed issue with multi-check options not allowing you to remove all options.


  • Fixed some minor non breaking vulnerabilities in forms.

Penetration Testing

  • We are happy to announce we had a thorough penetration testing done on our system and found no critical issues and little to no medium to minor issues that have been addressed in this patch. None of the issues effected data in the system but could cause weird behavior in front end of the system.

Code Updates

The entire system has been retooled with new functions to make creating forms and modules a bit a bit faster as well as to tune system performance.

Coming Soon

  • Multi-user editing: Get notified when a user changes a lead or contact while you are opening it.
  • Opportunities: Reconvert the lead in your marketing campaigns
  • Touchpoints: Get new conversion metrics for your leads when they come in via different campaigns
  • VOIP Lead Creation: Have our inbound phone system auto create leads in specific vendors even if you don’t answer the phone and open the CRM.

New Policy Buttons Examples









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