Patch 5.3.5


Changes have been made to how administrators are able to export data. This will help you keep in line with PCI and PHI compliance standards

  • By default, exports strip PHI and PCI Data.
    • This can be overriden with the “Show PCI and Show PHI” checkboxes which are visible to Administrators only.
  • Any data exported will be logged as per usual, but if PCI or PHI data has been exported it will show both in the filename that is downloaded as well as in the log file.
  • Files without PCI / PHI Data will be tagged as “safe”.
  • Standardized field names in certain sections.

PHI / PCI Data

You can now disable PCI and PHI Data outright in the options menu.

  • Disable PHI ¬†will remove SSN from Leads and Dependents.
  • Disable PCI will remove all billing information for Credit Cards and Bank Accounts. You can still select a payment type.
  • These settings effect exports on Leads and Policies


  • More fields are now available to send out to your customers via the mailer.
  • Fixed a bug with Spanish Marketplace emails. This can be found in the templates section
  • Fixed a bug where template editor and HTML mode wasn’t showing.
  • Spanish Unsubcribe text now supported.


  • Recording Downloads are now being logged. Log section coming soon.
    • You will be able to see if someone played or downloaded a recording and the respective format.
  • Fixed a bug where the player was autoloading audio files and downloading them all without needing to.