Patch 5.3.2


Send Welcome Email button has been modified and improved. It will now choose to send a normal email or marketplace email based on the Marketplace checkbox on a policy, as is configured in the Options section under Settings

The Send Marketplace Welcome Email button has been removed now that the system detects which email to send. We have left a note as to why.

The following is a chart on the new Welcome Email Workflow:

Product Custom Email and Language Support

You can now customize which emails go out on a product by product basis. Go to Settings then click Products. Double click the product you want to customize.

You will now have the following features

  • English Welcome Email and Subject
  • Spanish Welcome Email and Subject
  • English Marketplace Welcome Email and Subject
  • Spanish Marketplace Welcome Email and Subject

You must configure both the template you want to use as well as the subject or it will ignore these settings.

If either the template or the subject is missing it will not send that email. It will revert to the System Default Welcome Email or the System Default Marketplace Welcome Email under Options.

If no email templates are set under Options, it will give an error to contact an administrator to send it.

Both the subject and email template must be selected under Options for them to work.

The mailer log will now tell you exactly which email was sent, including the standardized name of the product (not the custom name of the product).

It will also tell you which email was sent in notifications so you can be clear it sent the right one!

This patch should allow you ultimate customization when sending email information to your clients about their new policies!