Patch 5.3.11

Rewrites / Renewals

  • A user reported that a renewal wasn’t showing up in the renewals section, this was due to the renewal being a renewal from a previous policy. The renewal Checkbox was being used as the filter to decide wether the system would look for a rewrite or not. This has been removed in favor of the Rewrite ID box. If a new policy has a rewrite id of an old policy, the old policy will now no longer be considered a renewal and removed from the renewal queue. If the old policy has the refused checkbox, it will remain in the queue but as a rejection. You can filter rejected renewals in the renewal and lapsed sections.
  • Lapsed now takes this rewrite ID into consideration
  • The checkbox has now been removed and is a hidden field. It will automatically set it self to checked if there is a Rewrite ID and set itself to Unchecked if a Rewrite ID is removed.
  • Next to the Rewrite ID checkbox is a dropdown of existing policies on the Contact. You can now select it in order to autofill the Policy ID into the Rewrite ID
  • You can still Manually set a Rewrite ID if the rewrite is from another policy. When this happens the Dropdown box will notify you that you have Manually set a Policy ID into Rewrite ID.
  • PopOver notes have been added to this section to clarify it’s workflow.
  •  Workflow:
    • Policy is in Renewals or Lapsed Policies
    • Open Policy
    • Create new Policy
    • In new Policy Rewrite section, fill in or select the ID of the policy it is considered a Rewrite Of
    • Press Save
    • Policy is now no longer in Renewals or Lapsed Policies