Patch 5.3.10

PCI / PHI Updates

  • Separation of Concerns -> Data Entry and Exporting
    • Data Entry is now prevented with the “Disable PHI / Disable PCI Data Entry” Options
    • The current option to Hide Sensitive PCI and Sensitve PHI Data works for exporting information
    • You still have to check Show PCI and PHI data to get this data in an export.
  • Show PHI Data is not required in the Lead Section for exports and logs _safe VS _phi

New Medicare Related Lead Fields

  • The following PHI Data Fields where added (and respect PCI / PHI Settings)
    • Medicare Claim Number
    • Medicare Part A (Date)
    • Medicare Part B (Date)
    • Medicaid Number
  • The following Non PHI Data Field was added
    • Scope of Appointment (Checkbox)
      • This will allow you to sort and filter which contacts have a scope of appointment which allows you to initiate outbound communications with a possible medicare sale. You still need to have them hangup and call you back when they decide to purchase. (This is a Medicare technical rule)


  • Do Not Call Status
    • All Dial Buttons (In Top Panel and on top of the Phone numbers) are not disabled when a lead is in Do Not Call status. The dial button will become a red DO NOT CALL button and the buttons on top of the Phone Fields now just say DO NOT CALL in RED to make sure your agents know not to call. You can still copy paste the phone number out if you REALLY need to call the person.

New Options

  • Dialer – Show Lead Status
    • If you choose to show your lead status on the dialer it will show up to the right of the Vendor Icon (if set) which is to the right of the name and location on the Contact Tab.

Bug Fixes

  • PCI and PHI Sensitive Data was showing in export if its enabled in the system but was not checked to show.