Commissions Received

This is a new feature that has been a long time coming. This is part 1 of 3 parts regarding commissions.

The parts are:

  1. Commissions Received from Carriers
  2. Commissions Paid to Agents
  3. Commissions Estimation from Carriers (Hardest part)

Today we launched our first rendition of the Commissions Received module in manual mode.

The system will allow you to manually enter commission records and attach them to policies in a quick fashion using a typeahead quick lookup / search from the add panel. Instead of using a modal (popup window), we are using a accordion menu that allows you to enter data quickly. You can even take a statement for one clients commissions and just keep changing the dates and adding if it’s for the same policy. Pretty easy!

The commission system allows you to put in an amount, and an optional breakdown of the amounts. If you don’t put a breakdown it will automatically put the amount as “flat” for you. If you fill in the breakdown and don’t fill in the amount, it will automatically total it up for you.

In the case of chargebacks, you should be putting a negative number. You can enter a commission received as just a chargeback with a negative amount.

Commissions statements do NOT require they be attached to a policy. We did this because we know sometimes you may get paid on commission items from a carrier not related to a policy, or for a policy you haven’t entered into the system. We provide a Reference and Description field to allow you to enter text based information on the policy in this case.

You may also attach an agent to the commisison statement. Although policies already have agents set to them, we know sometimes the commissions either all go to one person, or may be attached to different people (in the case that everyone who writes under their own name gets paid a commission from the carrier separately).

Records are editable, and keep track of who last modified them. You can trash a record, but not delete it. We currently do not store a history of record changes however as this section should be only used by administrators and accounting (Managers do not have access).

You may also put in a paid through date for commissions that are up front payments. This should help you keep track of when the next payment should come in.

You will also be able to see a list of commissions in the logs section of the dialer screen if you have the permissions to see commissions.

Of course, the data is exportable too and when attached to a policy exports policy data (we are still working out what data should be exported)

All the data being entered here and this part of the system will eventually be used for reconcilation purposes vs the Commissions Estimator once we are able to create a schedule of what should have been paid to your agency. The same holds true for the Payroll portion of the commissions section so that we can compare how much money you are making per sale your agents makes. The payroll section will even include hourly payments, not just commissions per policy.


There are currently no reports written for this data. We are open to suggestions! How do you want to see it? Tables? Graphs? Let us know. Every report becomes a permanent addition to the system and we are interested in being able to offer robust reporting on this topic.


We would love any other feedback or feature requests! If we missed something let us know. Commissions is something no one has gotten completely right on any system. We want to make sure we do.

Other Updates

  • Fixed a bug in Notes that was not letting you set a CSR Agent.
  • Fixed a bug with Action log for Statuses that aren’t statuses (reactivated, unkicked, untrashed)
  • Added Note to the CSR Table so you can see what it was about.


  • Reorganized Dashboard into tabs. Standardized all views. Added buttons to open leads to prevent agent from having to just look it up via search.
  • Added CSR Section into Dashboard. If you have a CSR assigned to you, it will show up there with details and the note set.


  • Forgotten Clients Filter
    • Shows you policies that once had an active sale and have no other active sale attached.
  • Policies Not Status
  • You can now search by marketing and newsletter opt in.
    • These two fields now show up in exports.
  • Policy Expiring Filter
    • Calculates Policy Expiration Date by Date Effective and Duration in Months.
    • Searches based on this date criteria


  • You can now play recordings from the browser.


  • Managers can no longer download recordings due to possible PHI Data. They can still play them.


  • Added Calls Report which gives you inbound and outbound call times. All sections are exportable.


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