Patch 5.2.5

Login Changes

  • Redirect to Admin Profile Page now works again.
  • is no longer the main login page. is the new page. We are moving to will redirect to as well. will be a marketing and FAQ website as it is now and will be improved in the future.
  • You can now login from other accounts and it will respect IP restrictions for your parent account if you get redirected to your parent account.
  • If you have permission on the account you are logging in, but it is not your parent account, it will then check your IP on that account based on the current accounts settings. Your parents IP permissions apply first.
  • IP Restrictions are now checked every time a user does anything in the system if they are logged in to prevent a user jumping from one account to another (if they have access) to bypass IP Restrictions on accounts based on their parent level IP restrictions.


  • There is now a Callbacks Manager.
  • Callbacks can now be trashed by administrators.
  • Users now have an override for how many callbacks they can have. This overrides system settings. You can set it to 0 if you do not want the agent to set callbacks.

UI Changes

  • Notifications have been moved to the bottom right and now stack vertically.
  • Pending Approval is now a Red Button instead of Yellow


  • You can now see if the user is currently logged in. This does not mean the user is currently active but it does mean the user has access to the system from their last login and are not logged out.
  • You can now boot all sessions for a user.
    • Note: Currently when a user logs out it already removes all other active sessions.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed someone to mass update status for users that where higher level than them (whoops)
  • Fixed a bug that wasn’t letting someone edit individual user if they were inactive.
  • Mass update now logs users out when setting to something other than active.
  • Fixed issue switching accounts.

Login Logs

  • You can now see if a user has an active session base on the login attempt.
  • You can boot users out of their current session.

Quote Tool

  • Quote tool can now be reordered via Drag and Drop
  • Quote tool can now be removed by pressing X.
  • The way the quote tool displays ┬áis top to bottom.

Relay Logs

  • Fixed Relay Log Bug for old Log.


  • You can now trash leads in Sale or DNC Status
  • Pending Approval Status (20) now gets it’s missing red status buttons.


  • Double clicking the dynamic fields icons now places the text at the last point you had the cursor.


  • Fixed issue with relays not showing.
  • Uploader now accepts notes and dependents