Patch 5.2.0


  • You can now set more than one callback per lead, and you don’t need to clear the previous callback. Callback Maximums are still in effect.


  • Login attempts are now logged in the system, along with the session they were logged in on. We record all information regarding the login source.
  • Login now has protections against hammering (spamming credentials) via both session(10 attempts), and IP (100 attempts) within a 5 minute period.
  • Login now correctly shows when logging into a deactivated account instead of just invalid credentials
  • Login Codes:
    • 1 login_code success Successful Login
    • 2 login_code invalid_credentials Invalid Credentials
    • 3 login_code user_wrong_account Wrong Account
    • 4 login_code user_no_accounts No Accounts
    • 5 login_code user_problem Problem
    • 6 login_code user_deactivated User Deactivated
    • 50 login_code user_invalid_ip IP Restricted
    • 51 login_code hammering_session Too many login attempts in this session.
    • 52 login_code hammering_ip Too many login attempts from this ip.
    • 100 login_code account_disabled Account Disabled

Quick Search (Experimental)

  • After typing for 1 second, it will start looking for leads and policies based on your criteria. You can either press Enter to go to the first lead it find as per usual, or you can wait for the dropdown to show the latest 10 results.
  • The way the permissions work here is they fall through. If you have view_leads, it ignores view_own_leads for example.
  • Normal Agents without the new abilities do not get any results, they have to use the system as they have before by pressing enter or the search button.
  • New Quick Search Abilities
    • Leads
      • view_leads
        • Gives Access to Leads Page
      • view_own_leads (filtered by current user as lead agent_id or creator_id)
        • Gives Access to Leads Pagefiltered by current user as lead agent_id or creator_id. (Not currently implemented)
      • quick_search_leads
      • quick_search_own_leads (filtered by current user as lead agent_id or creator_id)
    • Policies
      •  view_policies
        • Gives Access to Policies Pages
      • view_own_policies (filtered by current user as policy agent_id or creator_id or agent_of_record)
        • Gives Access to Policies Page filtered by current user as policy agent_id or creator_id or agent_of_record. (Not currently implemented)
      • quick_search_policies
      • quick_search_own_policies (filtered by current user as policy agent_id or creator_id or agent_of_record)

Post System

  • Vendor Posting with Notes
    • You can now post Notes into the system. This works similar to dependents. You can post as many notes as you need, you just need to configure the max amount of notes in vendor mappings.
    • This will create an entry into notes per note by the system.


  • New Filter: User
    • This is an all around search for any lead or policy where a user has their ID stamped. Ignores LMB (Last Modified)
  • Show Notes in Lead Search
    • You can now show notes via a filter command in Leads section
    • You can also show only those leads that have notes!
  • Fixed a bug with badly formatted dates in the DoB causing an age calculation error.
  • Added Coinsurance Field to Policies
    • 100
    • 90/10
    • 80/20
    • 70/30
    • 60/40
    • 50/50

Logs Section

  • The following Logs where grouped into the Log Section. We made the logs much more robust in terms of filters and options. All are exportable.
  • Note some of these logs are new.
    • Actions (New)
    • Exports
    • Logins (New)
    • Relays
    • Vendors
    • Mailer
    • Downloads (New)
    • Opt Out (New)
  • Action Log will now show Status Changes so it’s easier to find.
  • DIaler Action Log now shows Status changes and then a full log for ease of use / history.

Documents Section

  • Cleaned up some filter elements.


  • Changed multi-checkboxes to show a thinner font, and bold when selected / unbold when unselected
  • Changed Order of Abilities in User Filters to follow Menu Order.