Patch 4.95

  • New Lead Fields
    • Fields have been added to Vendor Mappings and Relay Mappings as well as show on the dialer screen under Contact.
      • annual_income (number)
        • Fixed ACAExpress Integration to use Annual Income.
      • newsletter (checkbox) used to mark the client has opted in for a newsletter
      • marketing (checkbox) used to mark the client has opted in for other forms of marketing (email etc)
    • Newsletter and Marketing are both searchable in the leads section.
  • New Policy Fields
    • points
      • This must be enabled under “Options” under the section “Points System”
      • Points are arbitrary. The sales board will soon use points if desired.
    • max_out_of_pocket (coming)
    • coinsurance (coming)
  • New CSR Fields
    • You can now select a CSR Agent if you are a Manager or higher.
    • CSR Agents can search for their name or other CSR agents to sort through their requests.

Server Upgrades

Our servers were updated and maintenance performed on 10/26/2015 to increase performance and add new features.