Patch 4.75


  • You can now see your Relays under Settings -> Relays, Relay Logs and Relay Mappings
    • You can not edit active relays unless deactivating
    • You can not add active relays, it will default to inactive when adding.
    • You can not clone relays
    • You can not activate relays
    • You can deactivate relays
    • You can edit mappings to set prices and phone numbers. (Be careful what you touch!)
  • Added API Keys and Public Flag to Relays
  • Relays now have public links that allow searching and exporting for clients.
  • Relay Report
    • The relay Report is in Reports under Outbound -> Relay
  • Dialer Interface
    • On load of the dialer, or change of the state checkbox on the lead, it will hide Relays that has states checked that don’t match the lead.
  • Coming soon
    • If there is one or more states selected in a relay the relay will scrub out the lead and give an error. (Requires Relay system update)


  • Mailer and Relay report have been grouped under “Outbound” until we can think of a more clever name.