Patch 4.70

Recordings Section added.

  • Search by date, as well as phone number or extension


  • Added Integration Fields:
    • Phone / Transfer Number
    • Max Monthly
    • Max Daily
  • Modified Dialer Integration
    • Shows only Buyer Relays
    • On Change of Relay, shows / hide button with phone number and TEL: link to call on click via TLDSIP or Zoiper. You may call before or after relaying the lead.


  • Added “Budget” field to Leads
  • Updated Dialer, Vendors, Relays


  • Accounts now can and will be disabled for non payment. You will not be able to log in if your account is disabled.
  • Accounts now have tiers
  • Accounts have new fields added regarding pricing and plans. These will be visible to clients in a future patch under a “My Account” section for administrators only.