Patch 4.60

New Features

  • Added “Policy Name” to policies. This is a text field. It is useful for sending e-mails to clients about their product but wanting to show a different policy name than the official names in the system. It is usable in templates as {policy_name}
  • Product Public, or Public Name is a field you can use to show clients a different name for a particular product. You can customize this in the Products section.¬†It is usable in templates as {product_public}
  • Added Hide¬†Cancelled Policies into Options. This makes it so the agent cannot see their cancelled policies on their dashboard to improve morale.
  • Allowed manual override of cancel dates.
  • Added Maximum Callbacks Option.
  • Added Policies Paid Checkbox


  • Changed way ON and OFF buttons work in Options. When it is on it is now green and says ON. when it is off it shows red and OFF.


  • Unkick was setting to “Submitted” instead of “Quoted”. Now sets to “Quoted” and removes kicker ID.
  • Lead Vendor Scorecard now shows % * 100 for Conversion Rate.
  • Callback Default # (When not configured) had an error.
  • Query error fixed for policies when introducing product_public