Patch 3.22


  • Download as WAV for Recordings.
  • Downloads Passthrough system (private) instead of serve from subdomain (public).
  • *Recordings domain will be removed soon.

Posts and Uploads

  • Fixed issue with Dupe Check inside Vendor.
  • Added Upload Table to record Uploads to keep track of data.
  • Standardized error and processed filenames for Uploads.
  • Processed uploaded files can be downloaded with date, information and who uploaded.
  • After Upload, any errors and dupes now create an error file that can be downloaded along side the processed file.
  • Files are downloaded via passthrough (not public).


  • Mailer Logs now show Open Date
  • Mailer Campaign Performance Report (With Open Rate!)
    • /reports/mailer
    • Tracking Pixel was installed about a Month ago. Older emails won’t have the pixel.