The sales process is key to your success. From quoting to submitting, our detailed and simplified process takes you from pitch to close as fast and seamless as possible, while logging who did what along the way so you can credit your agents for their performance.
From the minute an agent quotes a customer on a policy, the process is set in motion and thoroughly logged. A quote could start when a customer calls in and is curious but doesn’t want to make a purchase immediately. If you can’t close the sale right now, set a callback and keep your quoted policy waiting in the system for you to continue.
So your customer is interested, you get their credit card information, and the deal is closed. What now? Hit the sale button and keep making sales! Your sale has already been queued for verification. Let them take it from there. Check back on your Dashboard to make sure they closed your deal!
It’s up to the verifier to take over the policy and handle the next step before the submitter takes over.. Record your verifications with our VOIP system and have your recording automatically attach itself to the lead, and redundantly backup to our secure Amazon S3 server. We can even record all calls to comply with medicare sales regulations!
All the information received from the customer is submitted to the carrier. The submitter will then enter an effective date (if it’s not immediate) given to them by the carrier before setting the policy as submitted. Once submitted, this policy will become active on the effective date and the system will monitor for when the policy comes up for renewal. We even offer custom integrations with carriers that allow for third party integration.*

Rescue Sales

Rescue your sales from falling through the cracks. We offer automated features that will auto term your policies so that your agents and verifies can handle callbacks and sign your customers up for another period. You can set “post dates”to allow your submitters to submit a deal and/or policy at a later date when client funds are available which allows you to remove the lead/policy from your pipeline so you can focus on what really needs to get done: making more sales and closing more deals! But don’t worry, come the post date TLDCRM will place that deal into the submission queue and your submitters will send it off alongside others.

The Whole Story

All these steps: quote, sale, verificationsubmission and save are logged in TLDCRM SaaS along with the policy’s creation date so that managers and administrators have the whole story. Occasionally there will be the problematic policy that requires a look back at what happened with a particular lead. This is where notes, timestamps, and recordings all play their part in resolving any conflict. TLDCRM is intent on providing with you all the data at its disposal for you to make and keep your sales. Can’t find your recording? Call support and we’ll do our best to find it, even so far as to tell you, provided you use our phone system, when the call was made and if it was made at all.
Any suggestions on our sales flow? Contact us! We’re happy to have feedback and if we believe all users would benefit we will queue it up for development.
*Third party integrations may cost an additional fee if the integration does not yet exist in TLDCRM. Integration costs vary based on complexity.

One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.