Relays are customized configurations for sending data to third parties.

Genesis Campaign Relays

We have provided you with your default Genesis relays with your account. If you wish to send to another Genesis campaign you can click the clone button in Relays and update the mappings as provided by Genesis. Make sure to give it a unique name and description!

Assigning Relays to Vendors

Assignment of Relays occurs in the Vendor Section. You can edit a vendor and add one or more Relays as well as set the price that is logged for these relays. This gives us flexibility to provide you with a relay report that shows how much you should be charging a vendor (if you are selling your leads to someone) based off of successful posts. For Genesis posts just put the cost to 0.  To remove a relay, set it to blank and remove the price. When you press Save that relay will be removed.

Custom Relays / Posts

You can e-mail us at to setup the relay for you. Please make sure to provide integration instructions from your third party as we will not fetch them for you. Not all integration are the same and although we have attempted to provide as much flexibility as possible we cannot promise that all integration are easy, possible or immediately available.