Opening Notes

Please read the following in careful detail, and be sure not to skim it. I attempt to be as concise as possible so as not to waste any time.

To download our softphone you’ll find a link in your CRM where your Profile link normally is. Look just below the Documentation link and you’ll see TLDSIP with a download icon.

Download both EXEs, they are safe (in case your browser asks). You may need to open Downloads on your browser (CTRL+J hotkey) in order to flag it as an acceptable download.

Install Guide

  1. First install TLDSIP-config.exe, do this with Administrator privileges by right clicking on the file in Windows and choosing “Run as Administrator” or something of similar verbiage in order to avoid any permission issues.
    Then run TLDSIP-3.10.12.exe and install. It is very quick and asks no questions.
  2. This will pre-configure your client installed just previously and enable CRM pop for inbound calls.
  3. Now you may start up TLDSIP via the desktop shortcut.
    • It may start minimized, if it does check the System Tray (the bottom right corner of Windows has a small arrow, that is the system tray (you’ll see the TLD logo as its icon).
    • If you’re running multiple monitors you may need to resize it or move it with the Windows and arrow keys; that is, hold the Windows button and press left, up, right, down as needed to bring it into view.
  4. Once you can see the login window it will be asking for a Username and Password: consult the list we give you for this information.
  5. When you login, you’ll see an icon at the bottom right indicating whether you are online (green) or still unregistered (grey, and the login box will return).
  6. Once you see the green icon, you can make calls and receive as the dialplan dictates.
    • You may have to approve “pop.bat” to run the first time CRM Pop occurs, don’t panic when it asks, just select Yes or OK if prompted.


Should you have any questions or concerns about your dialplans, please email us at and I will assist as soon as possible.
Calling in about dialplan issues will likely result in me creating a ticket in your stead for tracking and update purposes.


Below are typical users for logging into our softphone:

role: Station
username: YY-1XXX
password: checkyouremail

role: Verifier
username: YY-3XXX
password: checkyouremail

role: Receptionist
username: YY-5XXX
password: checkyouremail

role: Manager
username: YY-7XXX
password: checkyouremail

role: Administrator (Admin)
username: YY-9XXX
password: checkyouremail

Where YY is account code and XXX is any number 001 through 999. Consult us via Support Ticket whether there are enough users if you cannot register.

Closing Notes

The roles above are suggested, not required; however, it is important to note that Managers and Admins by default have elevated features that allow them to check voicemail and spy on the calls of others.

Should you need to change the password for any individual user listed above, submit a ticket and I can do so. This is suggested if one of your agents leaves your company and still appears to be making calls.

If you are curious what your IVR (Voice Menu) and inbound numbers do, I can remind you or explain via support tickets.