Call Barging

To barge an extension dial the extension with an asterisk (*) before it. See examples below.

Dial 1001 for station 1.
Dial *1001 to listen to station 1.

Following a beep, you’ll be listening to the call only at first.
It will hang up if they are not currently speaking with someone.

While Barging

Pressing the 4, 5, and 6 buttons on the phone while barging lets you change the way you barge.
Be careful not to scare the person(s) on the call.

4 – Listen Mode (Default)
Immediately return to listening to the call. The extension you’re barging and their callee cannot hear you, but you can listen.

5 – Whisper Mode
Immediately speak only to the extension you dialed, not their caller. Press 4 to return to listening.

6 – Barge Mode
Immediately adds you into the call to participate in the conversation. Press 4 to return to listening.