Assurant Verification FTP


Download and install FileZilla.

Once installed click “File” then click “Site Manager”

Click the “New Site Button”

Type “Assurant”

On the right side:

  • Choose the Protocol: SFTP
  • Choose Logon Type: Normal

Under Host, Port, User and Password fill out the details provided to you.

Then click Connect

Please note you will not be able to connect outside your offices.


Download the recording file to your computer from TLDCRM or whatever source you recorded it on.

Rename the file with the following format:

<First Name>_<Last Name>_<Policy Number>.xxx

For Example:


Once that is completed, open FileZilla, and connect to the FTP Server we configured previously.

You may drag the file from your computer to the Remote Site on the right side for it to upload.

You may also use the Local Site Tab to browse your computer to find the file.  Once you find the file you want, right click it and click upload.