– Lead Dispositions

Lead dispositions are attached to the client/contact itself (primary phone number) and typically determine a lead is new, a live transfer, or a converted lead (tied to the first converted policy). CRM Vendors can dictate initial lead status, that is: Vendor settings determine what a “new” lead is labeled as when first created by the CRM. When a policy on a lead/contact is converted for the first time, the lead’s disposition is almost always changed to “Converted” and all info is saved. Therefore, any lead with a policy disposition of Application or better should be labeled “Converted.” Leads cannot be dispositioned after they are converted. They will always be converted from then on.

— Positive

  • New – Lead was received via HTTP and has not been modified or sold a policy.
  • Live Transfer – Lead was received via Live Transfer vendor and likely has no contact name.
  • Manual Insert – Lead was received by phone and Agent manually created Contact and saved info.
  • Uploaded – Lead was received via file upload and is otherwise “New.”
  • Sale (Converted) – Lead was sold a policy or customer is committed to a policy and has been converted.

— Neutral/Pending/Delay

  • Transferred – Transferred to a third party. Useful for Live Transfer businesses.
  • Call Back – Callback scheduled via CRM.
  • Left Message – Left message on contact attempt.
  • Busy Signal – Busy signal on contact attempt.
  • No Answer – No answer on contact attempt.
  • Fax – Number is a FAX number.
  • Dropped – Call dropped on contact attempt.
  • Fronted – Fronted for Agent. Lead is warm.
  • Medicare – Lead must call back due to Medicare sale restrictions.
  • Medicaid
  • Dental – Interested primarily in dental products.
  • Never Inquired – Similar to Do Not Contact. Lead is cold and did not give permission to be contacted.

— Negative/Payment Issue

  • Not Interested – Does not currently want insurance.
  • Already Purchased – Already has insurance.
  • Can’t Afford – Cannot currently afford insurance.
  • Bad Number – Number belongs to someone other than listed contact name.
  • Do Not Contact – Does not wish to be contacted again.

– Policy Dispositions

— While Quoted

— Positive

  • Sale (Application) – Converts a policy and stamps Date Converted. Automatically converts lead and stamps Lead Converted date as well.

— While Application

— Positive

  • Verify (Verified) – Verifies a policy and stamps Date Verified.
  • — Negative/Payment Issue

  • Kicked – Customer no longer wants policy.
  • — While Verified

    — Positive

  • Submit (Active) – Will show as grey box (unusable) if Post Date is not today’s date or past. Policy submitted to carrier and is now active (unless Effective Date is specified).
  • — Pending/Delay

    • Pending Payment – Payment has not been received by client.

    — Negative/Payment Issue

    • Credit Card Declined – New/proper Credit Card Number required to proceed.
    • AVS Mismatch – Billing Address does not verify against Credit Card Number.
    • Insufficient Funds – Credit Card declined due to insufficient funds.
    • Insufficient Data – Credit Card declined due to incorrect expiration date.
    • Carrier Decline – Credit Card declined for other reasons.

    — While Active

    — Pending/Delay

    • Pending Approval (Optional per CRM) – Awaiting policy approval by carrier. Contact Support to enable this disposition.

    — Negative/Payment Issue

    • Cancel – Customer wished to cancel policy.
    • Lapsed – Policy has lapsed. This must be manually done, and is not automated.
    • Termed – Policy has been terminated, either automatically (through CRM Options) or manually.
    • Suspended – Policy has been suspended while issue is resolved (suggest user examines Notes).
    • Renewal Decline – When Renewing: Credit Card declined for other reasons.
    • Renewal NSF – When Renewing: Credit Card declined due to insufficient funds.
    • Renewal AVS – When Renewing: Billing Address does not verify against Credit Card Number.

    — While Negative

    • Submit (Reactivate) – Customer wants policy or policy negative status has been cleared/resolved. Stamps Date Reactivated.

    — Permanent

    • Trash – Permanently removes lead from system reports and searches. Use for duplicate/bad leads and policies. Contact Support is mistakenly applied.