The Dialer is the software that calls multiple leads while an agent waits for a line to pickup.  This vastly increases sales and productivity of your agents. The following is the basic and advanced setup for the Dialer.

How to set up Mozilla Firefox for use with the Dialer

  1. Download Mozilla Firefox, go to
    • Download & Run to Install
  2. Install Dialer, go to
    • Click on the Installer.exe link (top left)
    • Download & Run to install
  3. Enable Plugins on New Versions of Mozilla Only
    • In the URL Bar, delete the info and enter in this website: about:config
    • In the search box above type in the word: plugins
    • 3rd results down should say: dom.ipc.plugins.enabled
    • Right Click on this line and click on TOGGLE
    • The VALUE should turn to FALSE
  4. Downloading New Version of Mozilla does not Upgrade Flash player, How to upgrade
  5. Close out all Mozilla Browsers Completely
  6. Optional: Make Dialer Page your Home Page
    • At the top of the browser, click on TOOLS
    • Click on OPTIONS
    • First ‘General Tab” will have HOME PAGE: __________________
    • Enter as the home page, Click Ok.

Thanks to Farid Emame from Genesis Communications.

How to setup your Network for the Dialer

  1. Setting UDP TCP Timeouts to Highest Setting (86400s or 1440 m)
  2. Set QOS for the ports below and make sure they are not blocked or filtered.
    • WebPhone Related Ports  (The built in phone available to agents)
      • UDP 4569
    • SoftPhone/SIP Related Ports (Counterpath Eyebeam and Zoiper Communicator)
      • TCP / UDP 5060 – 5083 for SIP Media
      • TCP / UDP 10000 – 30000 for SIP RTP –
      • TCP – 8305-8306 Audio and Agent interface
      • TCP – 843 Flash