Our Company

We originally started only servicing the health insurance industry. Over the years we have expanded into life, dental and other ancillary insurance products. We have worked with hundreds of call centers to bring you the ease of use and tools required to run a call center through experience. Our detailed no-nonsense approach to data and hands on approach with agents, managers and administrators alike have given us an edge no one else has.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a call center in a box. We want to provide every tool from commissions tracking to dialers so you could  run your call center without having to go to a third party. We do this through constantly development and evolution of the platform and partnering with vendors internally. More and more can be done, at no cost to our clients! Join us and be part of the evolution.

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About Our Company

TLDCRM is run by the creative and technical team at Esotech. The lead developer and original system designer has been involved over 8 years on the data side of the Health and Life Insurance Sales industry as well as digital marketing and systems consulting. Working with hundreds of call centers over the years we have been able to streamline our system to fit all workflows.

TLDCRM is a cloud based CRM and VoIP platform that can be used from anywhere in the world.
Our headquarters is in Miami, FL. With offices in California and Washington.
Founded in 2008, Esotech has been building systems for almost 10 years. TLDCRM, an Esotech property, has been up and operational since 2013.
We aren’t just involved in the insurance industry. We have the experience to come up with solutions for anything regarding the web and automating your business.

TLDCRM or Total Lead Domination is a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud based platform and VoIP system for insurance sales regarding health, life and other ancillary products. We provide the tools you need to succeed at selling.

We provide a CRM to manage your lead and policy flow, as well as a free VoIP Softphone if you decide to use our phone systems. We also provide all compliant backups of recordings and documents uploaded to our system.

We take the headache out of managing and analyzing your lead sources as well as your current book of business. We can help you setup your call center to run smooth and efficient as well as manage all your PHI/HIPAA protected information.

There is no insurance tailored CRM out there that manages call center lead flow and data like we do. We are constantly improving and adding modules to the system at no cost to you. If what we have doesn’t work for you we will work to accommodate!