Phone System

We provide our own branded SoftPhone, TLDSIP for you use. You can install it on as many computers as you like. Installation is a snap. You can download the phone and the configuration for your account straight from the CRM. We provide you with a standard list of agent, verifier, manager and admin accounts with different levels of authority for call barging.

Our phone system is running state of the art Asterisk 14.4 Virtual PBX hosted separately on a locked down server in AWS using Amazon’s Aurora database engine. this gives us industry Breaking sound quality: Standard: 8khz bitrate TLDSIP: 48khz bitrate.

We now support and recommend the Opus Codec for phone calls. Opus is unmatched for interactive speech and music transmission over the Internet, but is also intended for storage and streaming applications. It is standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as RFC 6716 which incorporated technology from Skype’s SILK codec and Xiph.Org’s CELT codec. Using this Codec is optional. The system still supports the 8khz ulaw codec.

With our managed PBX solution, we offer the most customizable queues and hunt groups you can conceive. Our PBX runs the latest stable Asterisk which gives us access to different ring methods:

  • ringall – ring all available channels until one answers (default)
  • leastrecent – ring interface which was least recently hung up by this queue
  • fewestcalls – ring the one with fewest completed calls from this queue
  • random – ring random interface
  • rrmemory – round robin with memory, remember where we left off last ring pass
  • rrordered – same as rrmemory, except the queue member order from config file is preserved
  • linear – rings interfaces in the order specified in this configuration file. If you use dynamic members, the members will be rung in the order in which they were added
  • wrandom – rings random interface, but uses the member’s penalty as a weight when calculating their metric. So a member with penalty 0 will have a metric somewhere between 0 and 1000, and a member with penalty 1 will have a metric between 0 and 2000, and a member with penalty 2 will have a metric between 0 and 3000. Please note, if using this strategy, the member penalty is not the same as when using other queue strategies. It is ONLY used as a weight for calculating metric.

These give you control over your call flow that will best optimize your sales, verifications, and even customer service. With every queue we can establish different ring priorities for members, as well as add callers in with specific priorities to make sure you take the most important calls first as well as ringing only the members you need to ring.

We start you off with suggested extension blocks and queues and you take it from there. Want to build your dialplan from the ground up? No problem. Speak with our support line and we’ll get your phones working exactly the way you want them.

We back up your recordings in three different locations per Medicare specifications. Did you know if you lose one recording you could forfeit all your forthcoming commissions? Make sure they never get lost! Recordings can be found in your CRM on the contact page or on the list of recordings.

When using the Opus Codec, call recordings come in crystal clear on both ends and the size of the file is minuscule! We offer automatic conversions from Opus format to WAV, MP3 and OGG. Stop managing recordings manually and let us solve the headache of keeping this data in order for you.

Ever wonder what your agents are saying? Ask us to enable always-on recording, or better yet spy on your agents and intervene if necessary with our Call Barging feature. Worried about your agents returning the favor? Don’t worry! Anyone below extension 7000 can’t barge your calls. It’s as simple as adding a star before their extension (ex. *1001). You can just listen, whisper to the agent, or join the call if things escalate! All without a transfer being necessary.

We utilize TLS as a transport protocol (required by the Opus codec) and SRTP where possible to provide you with secure calling to not only make you compliant but to bring you peace of mind as well. We keep your call, recordings, and data secure every step of the way before you even hear it.

Asterisk ARI

The newest version of Asterisk allows us to do some amazing things between the CRM and the phone system as it has a standardized development interface. There are some interesting features coming soon, as well as our own hosted Dialer!

Third Party Dialers

We offer integrations with some of the leading dialer systems available. We do this through the magic of our unique relay system which allows us to post to different URLs with different parameters completely autonomously. Don’t see your dialer listed? Request implementation of it! We hope to one day provide our own dialer using our integrated phone system, but until then we’re happy to support seamless operation with the following dialers:

We’ve previously been able to post leads to Five9 without issue, just give us your posting URL and fields and before you know it you’ll have a working relay that’s pushing your leads to your dialer!
Our friends at Genesis are extremely helpful and readily available whenever there’s trouble. With our Genesis integration we send leads that we receive directly to a campaign that they manage via our unique relay system; your agents will make most of their calls this way. Their dialer also pulls up the lead (if they exist) in TLDCRM SaaS once the person has picked up! Should you choose to use our phone system, Genesis can forward these calls to a Direct Inbound Dialing (DID) Number that we route internally to your verifiers and/or customer service staff for processing.
We’ve had different clients with different Vicidial providers approach us about integration with their system. With relays this is a simple process; so long as you provide all the adequate information we can get you set up in a timely manner. Gather up all your posting instructions and send us a ticket to have this added!