We provide you with a slew of tools to market to your leads and policies. We are constantly adding new features into the system to both enhance the client and customer experience. Take a tour of a few of our tools found throughout TLD, if you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch with us.

If you have leads, likely you have clients. Where there are clients there are renewals, payment issues, and even lapsed policies. With our mailer you can have a drip campaign activated to contact all these leads automatically without your intervention, our CRM takes care of it from there. Soon enough your clients will be calling in for renewals themselves, possibly asking for quotes on new policies! With TLDCRM SaaS we understand the power of email in recycling your leads and we would like to help. Curious how many clients are opening your emails? With our mailer log and report, you’ll never wonder again. Gain insight as to whether your email template needs a redesign by having a quick look at your open rate! Sometimes the change you need is as simple as a new subject line.
With the increasing use of SMS and other instant communication you need ways to reach your leads that don’t check email but check their phone. That’s where SMS Marketing comes into play. Through our relay system we integrate with SMS providers such as Ifbyphone in order to deliver customized messages of your choice to your leads either as they arrive in your vendor or manually as you see fit. Track your returns by requesting a DID from us (if you’re using our phone system of course) and having callers labeled as SMS callbacks for your agents to quickly and easily pitch to. Are your needs different? We’re all ears, and we’re here to help.
Send old leads or renewals back to your dialer using our remarketing automation options. Find policies about to lapse, or that have lapsed and get back in front of them to close a new deal, or save one.
Coming Soon: Relay Campaigns
When using our phone service we can provide you with IVR based surveys where a client is asked a question and presses a numeric response. Find out what your clients think of your operations, or have the IVR send information when a client says Yes or No to critical questions during the verification processes.
Coming Soon: HTML and Email Surveys
Show your agents what they should be saying to a client when they ask that hard question. Use our scripts section to not only store your scripts and rebuttals, but have them read exactly as they should by using our template system to dynamically fill in fields into the script! Make sure your verifications are standardized and done right, your commissions are dependent on it.
Every account can configure and organize a set of links that is then provided to anyone using the contact interface. This prevents you from dealing with the hassle of setting or updating everyone in your call center a bookmark on their computer for your carriers quote tools and submissions engines. A person only has to click the “Quote Tools” button to be presented either a list of links that your organization commonly uses, or an iFrame with clickable buttons to open that link. You can double click to open in a new window to remove the constraints of the iFrame. You can even customize links per individual agent if they have special links only they use!
Looking for more customized automation? Request it and we’ll be sure to add it to our development queue. New and exciting features regarding SMS and other marketing channels are being added with every patch, so join us and contribute to the new standard in health insurance CRMs!
Not sure why your campaign is having issues? Contact us and we’ll schedule a consultation as to what we think would improve your open rate! We’re here to help you every step of the way, from lead management to your drip campaigns.

“Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.”